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Date archive: March 2014

Little Paradise: A Garden Fit for Children

Every single part of the home, both inside and out, has to be fit and safe for your children. As the outdoors present many learning opportunities to your kids, it makes perfect sense to let the young ones experience nature first-hand. Turning your garden into a little piece of paradise can be a bit overwhelming,…

Bringing Life to Landscapes with Fun Features

Bringing Life to Landscapes with Fun Features

Daring to be a bit extraordinary can be highly rewarding, and with these fun features, you can bring life to your otherwise ordinary landscape: Moon Gate If you want to cultivate a mystical mood in your garden, a moon gate is what you need. No matter what landscape you have, the curved shape of the…

Oakleigh Manor’s Anti-Flood Solutions for your Garden

Oakleigh Manor's Anti-Flood Solutions for your Garden

Our Lawn Drainage Services & Solutions Lawn Aeration Your lawn may simply suffer from a poorly aerated topsoil layer which makes your lawn to remain wet or damp for long periods, especially during the wetter seasons. Lawn Tyne Aeration Within this process we will spike or drill your lawn with small 10cm diameter holes, approximately…