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Automated Gate and Driveway Installation – Near Faversham, Kent

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Project type: Automated Gate and Driveway Installation

Location: Otterden, near Faversham, Kent

Project Commenced: June 2015

Design Brief:

This project in the rural village of Otterden, near Faversham in Kent, is another example of Oakleigh Manor’s bespoke work. The client liked the look of the wrought iron gates in the Oakleigh Manor Gate Collection – namely the Kingsgate and the Cuffley. However, they wanted a slightly different style. So, under the advice of the client and using their expert capabilities, our in-house design teams created this masterpiece. Although based loosely on the Kingsgate – click here for its gate page and see the similarities yourself – the subtle differences can be seen in what is a completely unique gate.

Oakleigh Manor supplied the gate, manufactured from mild steel and metalworked to suit an entrance width of four metres. The height of the gate at the shoulder is 1.77m and 1.97m at the centre, promoting security for our client, all the while leaving an awe-inspiring first impression to their home. This gate also underwent the galvanisation process – a protected layer of zinc to help promote longevity – as well as being powder coated to finish.

The client requested that the gate could be automated, something our experts have been doing for years! Using NICE equipment, a voice intercom, a vehicle detection loop, a push button opener and two additional keyfobs were all installed with no fuss, with an underground motor.

It wasn’t just the gate installation that was involved here, though; Oakleigh Manor also installed granite kerb edgings and a granite sett rumble strip for the mouth of the driveway. The edgings involved the excavation of materials 13cm x 26cm on the boundary line, where a 150mm deep concrete foundation was installed. Then, a singular row of granite kerbs, sized 100mm x 100mm x 200mm were installed, mortar bedded and jointed. The rumble strip was also mounted onto a concrete plinth at 150mm deep, with brilliant results. Take a look at the small slideshow below.

Project Notes

This project commenced at the very start of June, 2015 and ran for only a couple of weeks. You can see a brief video of the automation on our Facebook page.