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Garden Design & Build Project – The English Country Garden

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  • Traditional Brick Paved Path, Stalisfield, Kent

    Traditional Brick Paved Path, Stalisfield, Kent

Project type: The English Country Garden

Location: Ashford, Kent

Design brief

This beautiful home is located in the heart of the countryside, surrounded by arable farm land with long views into woodland countryside.

The garden has been designed to harmonise with the home and its surroundings, creating a functional and open space that uses its surroundings as an asset.

Large free flowing lawns are used within a majority of the garden footprint, a more formal manicured lawn near the house to keep cut tight and well maintained, the second lawn is a meadow grass with wild flowers and whispy seed heads that enable the garden to reach out to the arable surroundings.

We linked all areas of the garden with a series of terraces and paths, designed with shaped purpose to radiate the deliberate garden area zone shapes around the house, then relax and meander to the outer areas of the garden.


The planting was chosen carefully, aimed at a native range of trees with occasional highlights from other varieties to ensure harmonisation of the surroundings is achieved, yet the careful selection of other specimens ensure the garden is a highlight within the landscape and has more to offer than the usual countryside scene. We used half standard tress in radial formations to galvanise the radial designs, the “lollypop” shaped trees enable the surroundings to be viewed under the tree canopies, inbetween the bare stems.

Shrub types were selected with the same criteria in mind, we used aromatic planting around the terraces with pools of Lavender Hitcote and climbing white Jasmine. English Roses have been used as a key English flavour together with many varieties of flowering perennials that provide successional flowering throughout the year.

The meadow has a blend of wild flowers that are allowed to naturalise and grow long through the summer months, creating a sense of mystery as the rear areas of the garden become slightly concealed.

The garden studio was positioned at the end of the plot, with a glass wall facing out into the open countryside views of miles of Barley growing throughout the year and an annual combine pass that will reveal the distant woodland coppices once more.


Traditional stock bricks

Local Ragstone walling

Yorkstone flagged terraces

Native gravel driveway

Garden Lighting

Halogen uplighting to create illumination effects within the new planting scheme

Halogen Rock lights to illuminate the water feature

Recessed LED indicator lights within the outline frame of the decked terrace

Internal Garden studio lighting

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