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Contemporary style, Kentish Barn Garden

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Project type: Design & Build

Location: Faversham, Kent

National domestic principal award winner

Featured on Grand designs

Design brief

Our client’s property here is a stunning period barn conversion with a very contemporary design style. The design team worked in conjunction with the clients to design the outdoor space.

Colours and material types were selected, traditional Green Oak was used to create the decked terrace and the boardwalk to match the silvering of the barn cladding. Reclaimed hop poles were positioned symmetrically at the end of each planting row, linked with single strand wire, white Portland stone and render was used to create vibrant terraces. The herbaceous planting, planted in linear rows at 40 degrees to the house walls provides green bands of foliage and varying flower colour displays during their seasonal periods.

The initial concept design concluded we would maintain an agricultural flavor with elements of traditional materials but used in a modern style. It was decided that a large feature would be created outside the main window from the internal living space, a decked terrace would be created to function as a external dining area, we then linked the main feature and the decked terrace with a boardwalk which steps through the rows of herbaceous planting.

The herbaceous planting rows run from the focal points at the house at 40 degrees to the adjacent barn elevation providing colourful lines or rows perfectly aligned with the vertical hop poles which have connecting horizontal poles and wires to replicate a traditional hop garden, flowering climbers as well as vines will develop onto the framework and create to cover to next door’s view. The ground surfaces are mulched with native flint gravel to suppress weed growth, the gravel colour’s create an warm amber background. Occasional pieces of topiary pierce the eye line, making their statement of unique interest above lower planted linear rows.

The main feature is has been designed to create symmetrical pool of water to match the glazed opening on the barn, this was filled with ornamental cobbles, the water is pumped through a water quality system to a steel channel rill at the rear of the local terrace. The rill channels the water past the terrace and cascades into the water feature. The steel channel rill, dissects the terrace from the cranked lawn area.

The lawn area links the larger space to small private courtyard, grey steel edgings frames the lawn edge, the courtyard hosts a small natural pool encapsulated with a dense planting and a bench provides a quiet space to read, away from it all.

The entire scheme was great fun to build, our teams spent in excess of 4 months creating this section of the garden, other areas of the grounds were landscaped as well.