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Irrigation project, East Kent

Project 66 of 68

Project type: Irrigation system

Date completed: pre 2010

Location: Kingsgate, East Kent

Design brief:

As part of a new garden scheme, our clients had a large area of new fine lawns and dense display planting, within one of the dryer micro climates in Kent, on a pure chalk sub-soil which has free draining properties, great for winter, so great for the hot summers.

This system was supplied by a new 10000 litre underground rainwater harvesting tank which stores all rainwater from the, house roof space, the rear patios and the front driveway.

Project Notes:

Once the underground tank and drainage system was installed, our irrigation engineer installed all underground pipework & cabling for the new system. A pumped supply system within the underground tank supplies water to the system with a 60psi pressurised.

A 5 zone irrigation controller controls the timings of watering periods, this system irrigates a 6am & 10pm, operating the2 zonesĀ  lawn pop-up sprinklers for 3 minutes each zone, then watering the shrub borders for 7 minutes per zone via a micro sprinkler system within the border areas.

This garden stays green and lush all year round, during our annual servicing we have seen the planting develop incredibly well, up to 300% better than a non-irrigated garden.