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Landscaping, Dulwich

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  • Landscaping project Dulwich
  • Landscaping project Dulwich, SOUTH EAST LONDON
  • Landscaping project, SOUTH EAST LONDON

Project type: Landscaping

Date completed: 2011

Location: Dulwich, South East london

Design brief:

Our client’s request was to create a beautiful front garden and driveway with ongoing low maintenance.

One of the biggest challenges was the changes in level, the upper road frontage is 5.3m above the level of the house, necessitating the requirement for terracing the front garden area with flat expanses and retaining walls whilst maintaining a tenable gradient for the driveway which climbs up to the road.

We designed several tiers of retaining walls, each wall no greater than 1m high. This created a large expanse for a lawn area and workable planting areas for the new low maintenance scheme.

The walls are formed in Sussex sandstone, rear mortar bonded to create a dry stone yet strong retaining wall, the driveway will be surfaced with SUDs compliant Resin Bound Gravel .

The radial sandstone stepping stone path format through the lawn links to central steps, the journey climbs up through the tiers of shrub planting to the public highway.

Project Notes:

The build commenced in mid summer 2011, the structural walling and hardscape were formed over the first few weeks.

Then the softscape teams laid the beautiful lawn area and planted the new low maintenance scheme.

The driveway surface was one of the last tasks, we installed 234m2 of Resin Bound Gravel, blend Maple Harvest.