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Rear Terrace project – Epping Forest, Essex

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Project type: Rear Garden Terrace area – Design & Build

Date completed: Autumn 2012

Location: Epping Forest, Essex

Design brief:

Our clients required a new rear terrace to renovate the rear of the beautiful house for them to enjoy, dine and entertain whilst enjoying their beautiful views over their large garden and surrounding valley area. The terrace area raised above the garden level due to the natural gradient of their 8 acre garden, decending into the local valley.

We created a design that framed the patio area with a cast stone ballastrade to stay in keeping with the period and architecture of the property and create a safe solution for the 40cm – 1.2m level change into the lawn area, the ballastrade also allows the views into the valley to be maintained whilst using the space.

The rear of the house is also North facing a gets very little sun, therefore we designed the terrace to have planting beds nearby to the house to soften and enhance the area, using a shade tolerant planting scheme, the importance of finding a sunny spot for a seating area is essential so we widened the terrace to reach beyond the house shadow where possible.

Project Notes:

The entire project duration ran for 10 weeks, during which time we cleared the space, installed the retaining walls, filled the raised terrace to formation and base levels, installed new drainage systems to each area, then we laid the 390m2 of Naturally Riven Sandstone and 62 Linear metres of Cast Stone Balustrade.


Naturally Riven sandstone flags, laid in random linear pattern with a 30cm picture frame.

Cast Stone Ballastrade.

Low maintenance & shade tolerant planting.

Garden Lighting

Soft Led uplighting create illumination effects within the new planting scheme.

Halogen uplighters to warm the walls of the house.

Metal halide moonlighting to wash the terrace in silvery moonlight.