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Oak framed Garden Room – East Sussex

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  • Ceiling Installation being installed

  • Hand crafted traditional Oak frame

  • Traditional Cedar Shingle clad roof system

Project type: Oak framed Garden Room

Date completed: Autumn 2012

Location: Rusper, East Sussex

Design brief:

Our clients required a new Oak framed Garden Room linked to their new terrace and hot-tub area create a den for the children, and i guess the parents when the children are out. The building was designed within permitted development heights and regulations, only with space being slightly limited we wanted to locate the building near their boundary line, therefore building design plans and a planning application was submitted, which was granted within 9 weeks.

Project Notes:

The entire project duration ran for 3 months, during which time we cleared the space, installed the foundations, brick upstand &oversiteeek, then the frame and building was constructed.

Soon the building frame was erected by our carpenters whilst the hard-landscape team installed the boundary walling, piers, balmouth and driveway base layers.

Frame details

Solid Green Oak Framed, Hand Crafted with traditional joinery methods

Cladding details

Green Oak Weatherboard cladding

Roof details

Membrane, Felt & Batton, then Cedar Shingles, Traditional eave felt and Oak rafter end sprockets.

Insulation type

Celotex 75mm insulation to walls and ceiling.


5.5m opening, Bi Fold door system, material Air dried Oak.


Natural Riven Sandstone Flags, colour Cream Sandstone, levelled and matching the external terrace to flow in out in the summer months then close up in Winter.

Internal Walls

Exposed Oak beam frame, plastered finish throughout inbetween the frame.


2 No Ornamental in-wall heaters

Lighting & Power

Soft Led uplighting form small spotlights on the upper ceiling framework, halogen downlighting to flood the play areas, pool table etc, faded controls. Power provided for internal Cinema and Games systems

The building looks fantastic nestled into its haven of planting and link format with the external areas. The children  play in here all the time, movies can be watched on the cold days, it provides a drying off space for the the hot-tub users in all climates, it also forms a fantastic social space for all guests to the home.