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Swimming pool, Canterbury

Project 65 of 68

Project type: Swimming Pool

Date completed: pre 2010

Location: Canterbury, Kent

Design brief:

As part of a new garden scheme, our clients required a new pool, terrace and landscaping around the pool to crate a warm Mediterranean feeling around the pool.

Project Notes:

The concrete shell pool was constructed with a roman end, then wrapped by a non-slip textured stone terrace and flush fitted green oak decking in-between the pool house and the pool.

The area was then encapsulated by a dense band of display shrub and tree planting to shelter the pool terrace from the wind and provide privacy whilst warming the entire area with bursts of flowering perennials throughout spring, summer and autumn.

This is a great example of how a pool should be tailored into the landscape to create a harmonic balance of pool, hardscape and softscape.