1 Trick for Good Neighbour Relations

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1 Trick for Good Neighbour Relations

Lewis | September 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

Let’s not skip around the idea. Relationships between neighbours up and down Britain haven’t always been peachy!

For the most part, I have always got on with my neighbours. Whether they are my current neighbours where myself and my partner live, or my neighbours when I lived with my parents during my youth. We’ve had an anomalous relationship or two, yes. But that simply can be put down to a difference in personalities. It still allowed for my courteous daily ‘hello’ on my morning walk to school! In my personal opinion, for the most part we can all say we get on with the majority of our neighbours, but the ones we do not get on with can be put down to something we cannot help; people are different. Usually this means simply getting on with it, whilst maintaining a friendliness. Your neighbour may not be the sort you would like to go out to dinner with, but at least you can say they are good neighbours in the traditional sense!

This is why a story from the BBC which emerged last year really caught my eye, and definitely deserves a place on the famous Oakleigh Manor blog! You can click here to read about the story in full, but scroll down to read on!

A pair of neighbours in an area of Liverpool with a shared driveway gate made headlines last year, after a dispute between them regarding whether or not the gate should remain open or closed escalated to a case at the High Court. The Bradleys had been living in their home since the mid-1980s and wanted to keep the gate shut. However, the Heslins become their neighbours 20 years later and they felt it would be easier if the driveway the two shared would be left open.

It may appear the same to you as it does to me; it seems like this dispute is a fairly routine one and the notion of it ever reaching the heights of the High Court is ludicrous. However, that’s exactly what it did! With the Bradleys claiming a shut gate would better secure their home and the Heslins complaining that this situation would be an inconvenience to them, a disagreement is obvious. But one would think this sort of thing could certainly be settled out of court!

This was also the opinion of the judge who took charge of the case, Mr Justice Norris. He was also surprised by the length of the trial; it took over three days to conclude. We could discuss for an indeterminate amount of time why this was brought to the High Court, but it was, despite the fact their differences would have most likely been resolved if remote-controlled electric gates were installed.

And this point is the inspiration for the title of this blog post! If only the two neighbours lived in South East, Oakleigh Manor and our range of Automated and Electric Gates would’ve solved the problem before it made the national press! We have a wide range of automation options available, as well as those for safety and security. Check them out on our website, along with each gate within our bespoke collection.


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