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Driveway Construction

Throughout London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex


Oakleigh Manor Driveway Design and Construction

We install beautiful Driveways, built to harmonise with your home, service your requirements and suit your style. We install a huge range of stunning surfaces, together with all groundwork, drainage, kerbs & edgings that are required for the entire scheme.

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Wooden Gate Systems

Wooden Gate Systems

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Iron Gate Systems

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Aluminium Gate Systems

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Why an Oakleigh Manor Driveway

Our Estimating service

If you know the size of the area in square metres or if you have scaled designed drawings, tell us what the area is used for, our team can provide you with an estimate for your new surface, normally within 24 hours.

british standards

Our driveways are built for life   and constructed to British Standards in accordance with current UK Building Regulations.

turn-key service

Our Driveway service encompasses all aspects of installing your new driveway, we protect all the areas of your property around the working area, clear away all the spoil, install you driveway lighting, all by our in-house teams, all scheduled & fully project managed, from start to finish.

Professional Advice

Our team are on hand to discuss your project, we will provide professional advice on Style, Design, Base materials, Drainage and any other factors, provide Estimates & arrange Site visits from our friendly team

Lifetime expectancy

Our driveways are built for life, ensuring your new driveway is not only a practical space to park, but a beautiful asset to your home, and stands the test of time.

beautiful workmanship & finish

All our driveways are beautifully crafted and constructed, enhancing your home to its maximum potential.

Add value to your home

Here at Oakleigh Manor we understand that a well designed and constructed driveway will add value to your home, ensuring your the money you spend on your driveway adds precious long term value to your home.

Attention to Detail









Our Recent Projects


If you are thinking about having a new driveway, contact our friendly team with some basic details about your requirements. We will need to understand the type/surface of driveway you require, the approximate size, together with some basic information about the existing area.

After a few simple questions, our team can guide you through the surface options, Design, Base requirements, Planning guidance and SUDs regulations, Drainage, Edgings and all other details about your new drive.

Once you are happy we have all the correct details, are team will provide you with an Estimate to install your beautiful new driveway.


We provide estimates for your new Driveway to give you a strong budget indication for the works involved, for the surface options you require. Once you are happy with your estimate, and would like to book the works to secure a slot within our Works Schedule, then we will arrange a Pre-commencement site meeting with one of our Driveway Engineers to confirm the details of your estimate and approve material samples if required. We will then update your Estimate to a Fixed Price Quotation, before works commence.


Our Geotextile anti weed membranes

Our Geotextile anti weed membranes are fitted under all our driveway surfaces where required, ensuring you have no weed penetration within your new driveway.

Low Maintenance with all Oakleigh Manor

Driveways – All our driveways are specified and designed to be very low maintenance. Once your driveway is built, you will have no weeds, no cracks, no puddles, no sinking or subsidence.

Driveway Aftercare at Oakleigh Manor

On completion of your new driveway, we will provide you with the correct Driveway Aftercare Guidance for your surface, in respect of use and function, cleaning etc.

Driveway Project Management at Oakleigh Manor

All Driveway projects are managed by an appointed project manager and every site has a team leader, both of which are experienced, highly skilled, friendly and personable giving you peace of mind for daily communication, any updates or challenges that arise during the job.

Other Services From Oakleigh Manor

The Oakleigh Manor group provides a huge range of services geared for a beautiful Garden or Landscape, Driveways, Garden Lighting and Illumination, Drainage and/or Irrigation systems, Swimming Pools, Artificial Grass Surfaces, Resin Gravel Surfaces and more in Kent and the South East of England.

Air Conditional Cabinets

Lighting Design

Like what you see? Take the next step

Simply complete our online Enquiry Form or call the Oakleigh Manor team on 0800 023 1310 to discuss your requirements. Our team can guide you through the options available for all our services, provide initial budgets or arrange an Initial Site Visit from one of our friendly team.