what we do

We Design & Build Beautiful Outdoor Spaces & Features

The Oakleigh Manor team are a multi-disciplined team of talented professionals, Vision & Innovation flow through the pulse of the Design team, teams of highly skilled Craftsmen & Project Management delivering amazing outdoor spaces & features for each highly valued client. Our core services include Landscaping Features, External Lighting, Pools, Irrigation Systems & Rainwater Harvesting, Drainage, together with Garden Carpentry & Joinery providing a stunning range of bespoke timber garden features & gates. Oakleigh Manor also have a caring team of Landscape and Garden/Grounds Maintenance who provide ongoing aftercare for clients that require post-build support. The company has undertaken projects throughout Europe, but commonly operate within Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & Sussex, within touching distance from our depot & design office in mid Kent.

What We Deliver


All Oakleigh Manor projects are delivered with our seal of quality and a guarantee assurance. Our multi-disciplined in-house teams ensure the delivery of high-end standards, on time, within budgets through the guidance of our Project Managers who assist clients through the delivery journey of their landscape projects.

If the designer or landscaper does not have a fundamental understanding of plants and trees, does not understand that a garden is a dynamic living space, or if they are tone-deaf to client input, a quality outcome is not possible. Our entire approach is intended to ensure the highest quality results for each client, no matter how large or small the project.

Impeccable Workmanship

Oakleigh Manor’s talented team of Garden Landscapers and Designers are led by Stuart Barten, under his experiences the Oakleigh Manor team design and develop beautiful garden spaces for homeowner’s, developer’s and property owners. The sole aim is to maximise the potential of these spaces, designed to bespoke standards to suit each client’s style, taste and personal requirements.

At the same time, we pay close attention to making sure all our garden design projects are environmentally-friendly and, whenever possible, that they make productive use of local resources. To that end, any planting plan should include local flora and eschew exotic species that may be ill-suited to the local environment.


Numerous awards have rewarded Oakleigh Manor’s ethos of creating high quality and functional outdoor spaces. With 22 years experience the company maintains teams of highly skilled craftsman in hard and soft landscaping, together with an in-house Garden Joinery Department, Landscape Lighting and Gate Automation Engineers.

The bottom line is that our team are some of the most experienced designers and landscaping craftsmen in the South East. They have that easy confidence that comes from mastery of their craft, yet they never rest on their laurels or try to impose their will on projects. They understand that garden creation is a collaborative process and that robust client input is vital to ensuring a successful outcome.

Our Recent Projects

One Team, One Goal

Personalised Service, World-Class Results

Our award-winning garden designers are focused on a single goal: transforming your property into the compelling, rejuvenating outdoor space you have always wanted. Our team members work closely with our clients to facilitate their garden and landscape design aspirations. We bring our wide-ranging experience and expertise to bear on every project whether it be a small garden, a major project featuring gardens and landscaping elements such as water features, or anything else.                                                                                                                                                                         At Oakleigh Manor, we believe in the value of listening. By honing in on what you are telling us we can provide both personalised service and world-class results. We are not here to tell you what you want or to shoot down your ideas. Our job is to help you turn your ideas and desires into compelling garden spaces tailored to your tastes and fully integrated with the fundamental characteristics of your house. That’s important because the house and garden should always be treated as extensions of one another. Garden designers who act as though the house doesn’t exist typically produce results that lack visual and contextual harmony. That won’t happen with Oakleigh Manor.                                                                                                                                                                                             When you are considering future projects for your home, consider working with our award-winning design studio. We have helped scores of homeowners in Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and Sussex transform their uninspired yards into eco-friendly sanctuaries that calm the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.

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