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Oakleigh Manor's Drainage Services

Oakleigh Manor Design & Install Drainage Systems for waterlogged lawns, paddocks, patios, driveways and most areas of the landscape throughout Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & Sussex. We offer a Drainage Consultancy service to provide professional drainage advice & solutions for your garden.

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Drainage Problems you may experience

high water table

The ground beneath us is full of water all around the UK, the level of the ground water is known as the Water Table. If the The Water Table is high and within your area, you will often experience wet soils, waterlogging and sometimes flooding. This is a natural problem, but not at all helped by urbanisation, development which creates more catchments areas for rainfall, and less relief into the ground or our public stormwater drains and rivers. The Water Table is normally at its highest level at the end of winter (Feb-April) and at its lowest at the end of summer (Aug-Sept), as the winter rainfall builds up in the ground, then reduces as the summer sun drys our soils until autumn rainfall starts.

clay soils

Your home may be located on Clay Soil, which commonly has a very low porosity i.e. Water cannot soak through the clay soil into the ground. This creates wet upper topsoil layers, i.e waterlogging and flooding when heavy rainfall or large amounts of water enter the site. Every site has unique properties and characteristics, however Oakleigh Manor have a huge range of Drainage solutions which will provide an aid your problem.

large roof-spaces & small soakaways

The resin gravel market is saturated with cheaper options for surface solutions, but the truth is any significant investment is not worth the risk of a cheaper product that won’t last as long. Unlike many competitors, all our Resin Bound Gravel Specifications come with the optimum 7% resin content, ensuring maximum strength and longevity, all backed up by a 10-year manufacturer back.

water entering your property

You may be suffering from water entering your property, either springing through the ground, running in over your boundary due to a natural slope into your land, water running in from the public highway. Many of these cases often not your fault often difficult to determine where from, or prove it. Rest assured in most cases, Oakleigh Manor can design a solution to aid the prevention of your problem.

compacted soils

Heavily compacted soils often have a very low porosity i.e. Water cannot soak through the clay soil into the ground. These are sometimes caused by heavy machinery trafficking the area, stockpiling of materials within the area. This type of problem is commonly seen within recently developed properties or areas that have recently received heavy trafficking.

large driveways/patios with your drainage

Large Driveways or Patios (with non-porous surfaces) create large catchment areas during rainfall, which is normally directed across the surface into neighbouring flower beds or drains. During peak conditions, a large driveway or patio (for example: area 100m2) will capture approximately 2540 litres if 1 inch (25mm) of rain falls, which often does in peak storm in less than an hour. If the gradient of your Driveway/Patio directs its catchment area of rainfall to an area that cannot cope with the vast amount of water it collects, then you may experience puddling, waterlogging or even flooding of the affected area.

beautiful handcrafted

gates collection

Wooden Gate Systems

Wooden Gate Systems

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Iron Gate Systems

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Aluminium Gate Systems

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The Oakleigh Manor group provides a huge range of services geared for a beautiful Garden or Landscape, Driveways, Garden Lighting and Illumination, Drainage and/or Irrigation systems, Swimming Pools, Artificial Grass Surfaces, Resin Gravel Surfaces and more in Kent and the South East of England.


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