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Posts by Rebecca:

Victor’s Design Insight: Atmospheric Gardens

Posted on: 25 Feb 2021

Creating a Garden Full of Atmosphere & Ambience A garden is a place to go to for many different reasons. Some people like to work and potter about in a garden, some like to simply walk through their garden and take in the sights and sounds, some like to simply look at their garden from […]

Victor’s Design Insight: The Backbone of Design

Posted on: 18 Nov 2020

The Backbone of Garden Design Balance, Form, Texture & Scale Throughout the years studying and working as a spatial designer in many different disciplines, I have noticed there has been one simple basic underlying approach to the design process that all designers seem to agree on.  When approaching the design of a garden, a planting […]

Why Should I Have My Garden Designed?

Posted on: 23 Oct 2020

The Benefits of a Professional Garden Design To many people, spending money on garden design is just another unnecessary cost that could be spent elsewhere, but in reality, having a professional Garden Design is a valuable investment that has short-term and long-term benefits, ensuring you reap the rewards of a beautiful garden for years to […]

Victor’s Design Insight: The Power of Simplicity

Posted on: 23 Sep 2020

Welcome to our new blog series ‘Victor’s Design Insight’. Within these articles, I explore the influence behind landscape design and where I take my inspiration. In this introductory post, I am starting from the very beginning and exploring the root of my passion for spatial design, and the power of simplicity within Landscape Architecture. The […]