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We create beautiful gardens throughout Essex


Welcome to Landscaping in Essex by Oakleigh Manor

We build beautiful gardens and external features, creating stunning enhancements for you, your home & your lifestyle. Our talented teams of Landscape Craftsmen help you turn your dreams in reality, creating stunning Gardens, Landscapes & External Spaces throughout Essex.

The garden is a place of relaxation, contemplation and rejuvenation. A well-designed garden can transform a lifeless property into a sanctuary and provide a necessary respite from an increasingly topsy-turvy world.

Our designers understand the aesthetic, cultural and even spiritual importance of the garden, how to cultivate those elements, and how to integrate them with the particulars of your home in a way that is harmonious and beneficial.

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Landscapers in Essex

Hire Professional Landscapers in Essex

Enjoy nature’s best and create your own private haven right outside your home with our professional landscape services. Offering expert insights and design ideas, our landscapers in Essex know what it takes to turn your outdoor space into a place of utmost comfort and beauty.

Professional landscapers are often confused for the lads that show up with a mower and some sheers to cut the grass and trim the hedge. But true landscapers like those who work with Oakleigh Manor are artists whose palette is the raw materials and flora of the Essex countryside.

Our landscape professionals see the potential in every property and can provide you with various options for activating yours. If you have definite ideas about what you’d like to see they will work with you to realise your vision while providing input that may help take it to another level altogether.

Providing In-house Expertise for Different Types of Landscape Work

Hiring Oakleigh Manor gives you the experience and rewards of working with some of Essex’s seasoned craftsmen. Our team is composed of architects, horticulturists, irrigation engineers and landscapers, all dedicated to creating timeless designs for outdoor spaces.

Every property is different, everyone’s ideas unique to them. The job of our design and landscaping team is to find the nexus between ideas and how best to manifest them, and to do so in a way that is cost-effective, practical and sustainable. After all, importing exotic plants that have little chance of survival in the Essex environment is nought but a recipe for disappointment.

Offering Services to Match Your Needs and Budget

Our professional team will plan your project thoroughly to ensure the best service for your needs and budget. We will discuss all design concepts, listen to your ideas and provide expert insights to create the best layout for your outdoor space. We’ll arrange an initial site meeting at your most convenient schedule and provide no-obligation design proposals, so we can get started on your project as soon as possible.

In a very real way, landscape design is like sculpture. The same elements of mass, line, form and texture are at the heart of both art forms. You’ll notice we didn’t add cost as a factor, because, as often as not, it is the simplest solutions that are the most gratifying. That doesn’t mean we’re going to treat your garden like a Picasso sculpture and craft it from old bicycle parts. What it means is that we look for the right design solutions, not the most expensive ones.

Handling Every Aspect of Your Project

Oakleigh Manor takes away the stress of designing and improving your outdoor space. Our landscapers in Essex will handle every aspect of the project to provide a stunning design for your outdoor space. Sit back and relax, while we do all the work – from the initial plan to the smallest detail of your outdoor décor.

All the same, rest assured that we keep the lines of communication open at all times. So if you have questions or concerns you should feel free to present them to our designers who will address them in a timely and comprehensive fashion.

Working with Great Efficiency

Landscape projects tend to last weeks and even months, depending on the outdoor space and the complexity of the work. At Oakleigh Manor, we aim to stay right on schedule and complete the project without any delays.

We understand that such projects are disruptive to your domestic life, yet at the same time, we avoid cutting corners to hurry things up, as that will only create problems down the line. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and that is something that can only be accurately measured over time.

Maintaining Your Landscape at Its Best Condition

Our work doesn’t stop after the design and construction of your landscape; we provide continuous maintenance and aftercare to make sure it stays in good condition.

Contact us to get more information about our services. Our staff would be more than glad to address any concern.