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Resin Bound Gravel Surfacing

Throughout London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex


Oakleigh Manor’s Resin Gravel Team

Welcome to Oakleigh Manor’s Resin Gravel Team 2020. We install beautiful Resin Gravel surfaces, creating stunning Driveways, Patios, Paths, Car Parks, Pool Surrounds and much more.

We have Resin Bound Gravel laying teams operating throughout Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & Sussex.

If you know the size of the area you require in square meters, or some rough sizes together with the type of trafficking the area will be used for, our Resin Gravel team can provide you with our recommended surface & base system together with Estimates for your installation.

Call our friendly team on 0800 023 1310 to discuss your requirements today

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Driveways, patios, pool terraces or pathway.

SUDs compliant with Local authority regulations.

No surface water drainage

10-year Ronacrete Manufacturer Warranty

Our Estimating service

If you know the size of the area in square metres or if you have scaled designed drawings, tell us what the area is used for, our team can provide you with an estimate for your new surface, normally within 24 hours.

What can Resin Bound Gravel be laid on

Our Resin Bound Gravel surfacing system is suitable to be laid on most existing solid substrates that no not puddle and are suitable for its trafficking loads, including existing Concrete and Asphalt surfaces. When you do not have a suitable existing base, our Resin Gravel team will design and install the correct base system for your new surface, normally made up with porous Type 3 & porous asphalt layers, the correct depth is largely determined by your soil type and trafficking loads. Essentially, a footpath requires less base materials than a road. See our Questions & Answers below on this page, these may help.

10 year manufacture warranty

Our Resin Bound Gravel systems come with a 10 year Ronacrete Manufacturer Warranty when installed onto our recommended base system subject to the correct use and maintenance of the surface.

How many colours/blends are there

Our Ronacrete Gravels are made of Natural stones including flints and granites. See our Resin Bound Gravel Colours/Blends, we also have a sample request service as well.

Does my my new Resin Bound Gravel surface need kerbs or edgings

A Resin Bound Gravel surface is normally laid approx 17-20mm thick, subject to the Blend. Therefore, the outer edges of your new surface area require an upstand of 17-20mm to tie in flush with your edgings. We have a huge range of structural and decorative edgings to suit your area, including Granite, Sandstone, Steel, & Treated timbers, our Resin Gravel team will guide you through the most suitable edgings options for your new surface.

Does the colour fade over time.

Our Gravels are made from natural rock, therefore the flints, granites and other natural materials within our blends are thousands of years old, so they won't fade in our lifetime. Our Resins are also UV resistant, therefore our resins will not yellow in the first few years, unlike some cheaper alternatives

oakleigh technical support

For any technical queries or advice about your new surface installation, you can consult our Factsheet and FAQs download. Here you will find the answers to a number of frequently asked questions we have from clients regarding resin gravel surfacing. Alternatively, if you can’t find an answer to your question, you can contact one of our team. One of our Resin Gravel experts will try their best to assist you: Email: technical@oakleighmanor.com Phone: +44 (0)1227 750875, ask for Resin Gravel Technical Support

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Useful Information

Questions & Answers

Here’s a few guidelines: The substrate must be structurally sound for its trafficking duty and relatively flat. (very minor abrasions or surface scars are ok) The substrate must be either porous or well drained. (holds no surface water) The substrate must be clean and free of dust and loose debris. The substrate must be relatively dry. Asphalt or Concrete surfaces are preferred. If your existing substate structurally cracked, moving, heaving when trafficked, its unlikely to provide a suitable base for your new surface, therefore the longevity of your surface will be compromised together with manufacturer's warranty. All existing unknown substrates/bases are only visible from what we can see, we cannot guarentee the performance any existing substrate. Our Resin Gravel experts will provide you with a professional opinion on whether your existing substrate is suitable or the risks involved with not replacing the substrate.

Resin Bound Gravel cures very quickly. Subject to climatic conditions, you can normally walk on the new surface within 6 hours, then drive on the new surface within 24 hours of installation.

All our blends shown with our Resin Gravel Blends/Colours are manufacturuer designed blends for strength and longevity, as well as appearance. Using the standard range of blends ensures your manufacturer warranty is not compromised. Bespoke blends are possible, so if a suitable colour/blend is not shown in our standard range, we can get bespoke blends made up, however the manufacturer warranty may be compromised.

Our Resin Bound Gravel systems are generally laid 17-20mm thick, therefore a 17-20mm upstand around the outside edges of the new surface area is most suitable. Timber edgings are suitable for most pedestrian duty areas (footpaths), but Steel, Granite Setts, Sandstone Setts, Concrete kerbs or blocks are suitable for vehicular trafficked areas, to provide the structural edge strength required.

150mm below your DPC, or 2 courses of metric bricks equating to 150mm

A small driveway or patio (40-70m2) can be laid in half a day, A large Driveway (up to 350m2) can be laid in one day with one laying team. Larger areas in excess of 350m2 can involve several laying teams or additional days/weeks to complete.

If a crack was to appear, or if the area has to be excavated due to faulty water main replacement, the surface can be repaired. Within public areas repairs are often made with saw cuts and re-filling, but more refined areas can be repaired by our highly experienced Resin installers, we can pick out the edges for repair, stone by stone, then replace the areas by placing back stone by stone method to the edges of the repair. If your damaged surface area is aged, dirty or weathered, we cannot always guarantee a perfect colour match. Some of our blends repair almost invisibly, some of the blends with varying stone particle sizes will show slight repair scars.

Yes. A Resin Bound Gravel surface does not clean itself. A dining room table that lives protected within the comfort of your home requires cleaning, an outdoor surface is far more likely to generate dirt and grime from trafficking and everyday use. Oakleigh Manor can supply suitable Resin Gravel cleaners for your new surface to help you keep it clean.

If you keep you surface clean and well maintained, its unlikely to generate weed growth. However, the surface is porous (like honeycomb) so if soil debris builds up over time, a weed seed drifts in on the wind, it's possible that a weed may germinate, just like most external surfaces, so keep them clean. All professionally laid surfaces and base substrates are very unlikely to have weeds growing through the base layers, with the exception of vigorous rooting trees/plants like bamboo where root barriers are recommended to prevent this. Our Resin Team can advise you on how to design your new surface area in relation to nearby planting.

Root zones of trees are very susceptible to root growth and heave and can compromise a new surface over time. Base systems can be installed to manage root growth on new build projects, although it's sometimes impossible to prevent tree roots affecting a surface over a long period of time. Our Resin Team can advise you on how to design your new surface area in relation to nearby trees.

Resin Bound Gravel is porous so rainfall soaks through the surface. If your surface is installed with our recommended porous base systems, rainfall will soak through the base layers as well, this is what's makes your surface a SUDs (Sustainable urban drainage system) complaint base. However, the surface will be compromised by extreme high rainfall and flooding, or ground water springing, therefore its good practice if there is a risk to your property to install slot or channel drains to protect buildings like your house or garage. Our Resin Gravel team will recommend any additional drainage that may be required in relation to flood prevention.

Yes, no problem at all with the Fan jet. Do not wash your driveway with the needle jet close to your surface, this will damage most surfaces like concrete or asphalt, Resin Bound Gravel is no different to this. Ask our team for details on Resin Bound Gravel Cleaners.

Clay is not a stable soil type for many forms of construction, therefore suitable membranes/sub-bases/base layers are recommended for Clay soils. Clay expands and contracts in hot/dry and wet/cold conditions, this can cause heave, as the clay under your base layers changes its form in peak summer to peak winter conditions. Its often advisable to put in deeper base layers for your new surface to ensure the new surface is not compromised by heave, however the expense is often a factor, and the risk of damaging services or drains by digging out deeper base layers also must be carefully considered. If you view it as your house, the most important thing is the concrete foundations, if they are not installed correctly, everything else above becomes problematic. Our Resin Gravel team can advise you on construction build up and base design.

How We Work


If you would like a new Resin Bound Gravel surface, simply call our team, we will be able to provide you with an estimate very quickly. We will require the following information:

  • Tell us the size of your area in square metres or send us scaled Design Drawings.
  • If you would like your new area Designed, perhaps a Driveway or new Terrace, one of our talented Landscape Design team can Design your new space.
  • Tell us if you have an existing base, or whether you would like it installed.
  • Do you require any Edgings and type, we can help you decide if your not sure
  • How the area will be trafficked in the future, i.e Cars, Vans, Pedestrians etc
  • Do you have any manholes/drainage covers/access chambers within the area
  • Feel free to send us photos….they really help

Once we have enough details about your new surface, we can normally provide you with an estimate for your new surface, normally within 24 hours, this will have our lead time to start the installation and a duration of work.


Then if you would like to proceed with the installation, one of our Resin Gravel team will visit site to check all the details are correct, we can guide you through the entire process, check your colour/blend, edgings and other choices are correct for you, then you will be booked into our schedule with an scheduled commencement date.

Commencement dates are approximate until a few days prior to commencement, when we will be in touch to confirm an exact date. (Resin Gravel can not be laid in the rain or extreme hot or cold, therefore our schedule is affected by weather, but don’t worry, we keep you updated)



If your surface requires base installation, edgings, drainage or other preparation work prior to the installation of the new surface, our Resin team will already of specified and guided you through the processes involved within the base preparation work.

However, when your new surface is laid,  the base will need to be clean, dry and free from pedestrian traffic for the installation day, until at least 6 hours after laying.

Once your new surface is complete, it can be walked on within 6 hours, driven across with vehicles in 24 hours, (subject to temperatures on laying day), so planning the use of the areas on laying days is essential.

After that, just enjoy your new surface, its that simple.

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