Planting Scheme and Gardening Services

Throughout London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex


Oakleigh Manor Planting schemes

We design & implement beautiful Planting schemes throughout London, Kent, Essex, Surrey & Sussex. For more information click to request a call back from our friendly Horticultural Design team or call us on 0800 023 1310 to see what we can do for you.


Within award winning design team, our horticulturalists blend their expertise with our designers to design the perfect scheme for you and your outdoor space.

Whether you require a modest Herb Garden or your require phased planting plan for a large estate, our planting scheme designers will fulfill your dreams for a perfect scheme.

Our selection of plants range from huge 10m high trees to a mixed bulb selection, with plant sources from home grown within our own nursery, Uk growers or the European markets within Belgium, Holland & Italy.

Simply contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements.


With everyday life being so busy, there’s often a lack of spare time to enjoy caring for your garden and keep it looking its best.

Although a maintenance free planting scheme is often impossible to achieve, our Design team will design your scheme to reduce maintenance as much as possible, giving you time to enjoy your space, rather than be a slave to it.

Contact or team, we will arrange to design & implement a low maintenance planting scheme.




A Maze within the Garden not only suits a large estate home, but medium size gardens can also host a mini maze for family fun of entertaining in the garden.

Our design team will design your maze or labyrinth selecting not only the mysterious journey, but selecting the correct plants, be it evergreen hedging or perennials with tall grasses.

Ask our design team for more information, you’re missing out on so much fun.





There’s something magical about the beauty of the tall wispy flowering meadow, creating a naturally perfect space without the need for constant manicuring.

Our Design team will ensure your soil properties are suitable, then sew a wide variety of Wild Meadow flowers and grasses which will become more magnificent year on year.

Discover the magic of a wild meadow, our team are on hand to create.


Often associated with large classical gardens, Knott gardens also provide a stunning front & rear garden feature to most homes.

Clipped evergreen hedging, maintained to perfection can also provide a structural framework for Rose gardens, Perennial beds and Kitchen Gardens, we love creating them.

Contact the Horticultural Design team for more information.


Growing Vegetables is often difficult but highly rewarding when you bring them to the kitchen table.

Our Horticultural team are experienced in planning and creating successful Vegetable Gardens, providing healthy food for the family and rewarding fun at the same time.

Let us know what you want to grow, we will plan the perfect vegetable garden for you.


Herb Gardens

Herb Gardens can be planted within a small containerised area, a raised bed or within the general planting areas of a garden, providing visual beauty and benefits for kitchen and the home.

Our planting scheme designers have vast experience in creating successful herb gardens as they have been a common requirement within UK Gardens for decades.

We have a huge range of amazing herbs for your garden, contact our Design team.


Pleached trees

Whatever your Pleached Tree requirements, we will resource and implement the scheme to suit your garden.

We provide large pleached tree boundary screening, pleached fruits and ornamental plants, to suit practical and striking planting design solutions.

Based upon your requirements, we will select and plant the correct species for your space.



Bulb Planting

Something to look forward to at the end of winter, spring bulbs create stunning flowering displays of amazing colour and vibrancy.

Our bulbs not only flower in the spring, we also provide bulb planting to deliver successional flowering displays throughout the seasons of the year.

Ask our team to design and plant some surprises for you next year.



Mediterranean Planting Schemes

Whether you’re planning an Italian Villa Garden or trying to warm the feeling within a Pool Garden, a Mediterranean Planting scheme can be provide beauty from many non-native plant species.

Our Planting scheme designers have a vast knowledge of Mediterranean Plants and their habit, ensuring your planting scheme is placed in the correct aspect and soil condition.

Your be amazed with the variety of Mediterranean Plants & Trees that will thrive in your UK Garden.


Hedge Planting

Hedges not only provide great habitats for wildlife, but can create great boundary screening, wind protection and structure to your garden, be it mixed native species or other large evergreens.

We provide young whip style hedging from 60cm high, to large format 6m high evergreen instant hedging to suit your requirements.

Ask our team for more on our hedging options, we will plant the most suitable hedge for you.


Climbing Plants

When planted and trained correctly, climbing plants can provide foliage, flower displays and aroma, softening harsh brick walls & fences, covering a pergola or growing up a large tree.

Our horticulturalists will choose the correct plants, creating beautiful assets within your garden, avoiding high maintenance and overgrown vigorous plant types.

Incorporate some climbers within your garden, your walls and fences will never look so good.


Planting to attract Wildlife

If you would like to attract wildlife into your garden, be it insects, birds or other animals, our Design Team will select the correct plants for you.

Wildlife require specific habitats which will attract & encourage them into your garden, making it a haven for the delights of nature.

Tell us your requirements, we are only too pleased to work with you and mother nature.



Aromatic Planting

Planted near your rear doors and windows, adjacent to paths and patios, encapsulating a seating area, the natural aromas of scented plants are a delight for your senses.

Our designers will select aromatic plants for you, plant them in the correct location, aspect & soil type to ensure you and your garden benefits from the delights of its scent.

Leave it to our planting scheme designers, your home will never smell the same again.



Planting Archways & Pergolas

Your Walkways and Pergolas should always be the supporting frame for beautiful foliage & flower to develop year on year, creating enchanting journeys and places of relaxation within your garden.

Here at Oakleigh we provide a huge range of instant archways & pergolas, or we can plant smaller plants that will develop for years to come.

Introduce some planting onto your frameworks, we on hand to help.


Topiary Planting

Pyramidal structural plants or towering clipped focal points, topiary is an amazing expression of formality and planting creativity that can be planted to suit you.

We can provide topiary shaped to an F1 car or a horse, or striking rectangular evergreen hedging, and our team will help you care for these wonderful features of your garden.

Add some topiary to your garden, you’ll be amazed by what we can create for you.




Lake Planting

Our Planting scheme designers relish planting a lake surround or indeed the aquatic planting below waterline, designing the scheme to suit the surroundings and the lake environment.

The habitat of a lake benefits hugely from well designed planting, and also provides a beautiful tranquility within the water and its surroundings.





Aquatic Planting for Ponds

Aquatic planting not only provides vital oxygen to your pond life, but eats the harmful nitrates within your water, creating planting growth, vigour and display to your pond.

If you require deep water Lilies or marginal flowering Iris, our horticultural scheme designers will create a haven within and around your pond.

Ask our team for more info about our Aquatic planting, we love getting our hands wet.


Bog Garden Planting

Bog gardens do not have to be the sad shady damp spot within your garden, these areas create an amazing opportunity to create an amazing Bog Garden scheme.

Plant types can provide lush large foliage and amazing flowering which will benefit any garden or pond/stream surround, and our teams love planting in their wellingtons.

Our moisture loving plants make an idyllic feature of your problematic area.