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The Oakleigh Manor team have over 20 years experience of designing and building exquisite outdoors spaces, all designed to enhance our client’s properties and lifestyle. Our talented designers will visit you at home so as to discuss your ideas, aspirations and turn dreams into reality…

Designing and building the ideal garden for your property is not as simple as planting a few shrubs and laying down a walkway. A garden must embody the spirit of the homeowner, be considerate of the context in which it exists, nod respectfully to tradition and enrich the lives of those who encounter it. That’s a tall order to be sure, but the team of landscape design professionals at Oakleigh Manor are up to the challenge.

The Fine Art of Listening

While our clients come to us to take advantage of our landscape and garden design expertise, many already have well-formed ideas regarding what they want to see. We believe the designer that ignores or glosses over client input, in an attempt to impose their own will on the process, does that client a grave disservice in the long run.

At Oakleigh Manor, we cultivate the fine art of listening. It’s only by listening that we come to truly understand the client, their wishes, and their goals. This knowledge then provides context for the deployment of our landscape design expertise. In other words, it’s the client that indicates the direction, it’s the designer who guides the project home via that direction.

Creating Productive Partnerships

As mentioned, our clients often have a good idea of what they want their outdoor space to look like before they approach us. In those cases, our job is to create a productive partnership with the homeowner that facilitates the creation of their dream garden. All major decisions are reached together, and lines of communication are always open.

In other cases, clients are more than happy to let our award-winning garden design pros have free reign. In such instances, all our years of experience and expertise are applied to the goal of creating a beautiful garden that enhances the property in meaningful ways while providing an oasis the client will treasure for years to come.

If you would like to discuss with one of our design team about a garden design scheme simply call our Freephone number 0800 023 1310 our design team studio is open 9am to 5pm, Monday – Friday, or click on the link below and complete the enquiry form and one of our team will call you back at a time that suits you.

Garden Design services

Our talented Garden Design team cater for all your requirements, creating bespoke gardens tailored to suit your requirements.

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The Benefits


A well-designed Garden, tailored to suit you and your lifestyle, can transform your home, extending your indoor areas to the fresh air outside, creating a place to relax, entertain, dine, play, rest, grow food, encourage wildlife & much more. It doesn't stop there, our designers will stylise your outdoor space to expand and compliment your home, adding huge lifestyle benefits and adding core value to your property in the long term. Good for Body and Soul - While the aesthetic benefits of a well-considered garden are there for all to see and enjoy, there is more to the garden than a means to satisfy the eye. The garden, if done properly, provides numerous physical and psychological benefits as well, including: The ability to nurture a new hobby: Once the garden is established it will need to be kept up. This provides the opportunity for the cultivation of a new hobby that can be very physically beneficial. Fresh air: While a single London garden is not going to solve the world’s air pollution problem on its own, it will significantly freshen the air both in and around the house. Stress relief: One thing is certain, the world isn’t getting any less stressful. As such, it’s more important than ever for people to have a place they can go and detach from the modern world for a while.


Our talented Design team recognise every external space & every client has unique requirements, this is why we tailor your space to suit you and your home, transforming your home and often your life, enhancing your time spent at home, maximising the outdoors within not only stunning aesthetics but functional, feel-good external spaces. Every landscape contractor knows a garden does not exist in a vacuum. The lines, colours, textures and other elements used must coexist peacefully with the lines, colours and textures of the house itself. It must be both a logical extension of the home, and a bridge between indoors and outdoors that produces a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Stylish and functional Gardens built with longevity are hardly inexpensive, but everything you invest in a well configured external space or garden will add significant value to your home and more importantly give you hours of pleasure and relaxation for you, your family and friends for years to come. At the same time, not any old collection of flowers and patio furniture will do. The garden must exist in harmony with its surroundings, promote proper drainage of the property and, ideally, provide different faces at different times of the day. These goals must be baked into the master plan produced by the designers.


Time! A precious commodity in this day an age. Our team can design your space to reduce the ongoing maintenance demands of your home, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your evenings, weekends and any time you get to spend at home. While it’s true that gardens or roof terraces may present the opportunity for the homeowner to develop a new hobby, that doesn’t mean they should be high maintenance. Logical design, quality materials and flora appropriate to the environment will help ensure maintaining your garden is a joy, not a job.

How we work


Our Design service normally involves a Client Brief and Site Survey, to understand your existing space and your requirements (wish list). Then our Design team will generate Concept Design for you to review (mid way stage), giving you the ability to suggest any revisions you may require before we go to far, we normally provide ball park budgetary guidance at this stage to assist with your project planning. Then once you are happy, we progress to your Master Design, this will detail all the main elements of your new space, scaled and detailed for profesional landscape construction, we also provide Specifications and Quotations for the Build or Installation process. Design Fees are subject largely to the size of the designed space, the complexity of the space and your location, please contact one of our team for more details.


Simply complete the enquiry form or call our office today 0800 023 1310, be will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Our Design Package Fees can often be determined without site visits, however should a site evaluation be required, subject to location we normally visit you initially for free. Once we understand your Design requirements, we will provide you with written Design Fee Proposals, detailing our proposed Design work, Site Surveys, Client Brief, Concept and Master Design meetings, together with our lead times, duration of the Design process and our fees, for you to review and evaluate before you engage our team.

Within the process, you will benefit from decades of experience from our award winning Garden Design team, creating a bespoke stunning and functional space, tailored to suit you. We not only design the Landscape or Garden space, our team can Design your external Lighting, Irrigation, Gates and Frontage, Driveways, Garden Rooms and much more.

If your new scheme requires and Planning approval, our Design team will be happy to plan and prepare your application for submission to the local or relevant authorities.


The companies Design & Build service not only provides you with an Award Winning Design Team, but our  Construction/Installation teams share the same pedigree of delivering your new external space, from under virtually the same roof. Our Designers engage with the construction teams on a day to day basis, to ensure the Designer’s footprint is embedded into the new space, without any additional Project Fees, ensuring your space is delivered to you with minimal hassle to you, and no additional Project Management fees that you would normally have to pay with an independent Designer.

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The Oakleigh Manor group provides a huge range of services geared for a beautiful Garden or Landscape, Driveways, Garden Lighting and Illumination, Drainage and/or Irrigation systems, Swimming Pools, Artificial Grass Surfaces, Resin Gravel Surfaces and more in Kent and the South East of England.

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