Environmental Policy

We are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally and ethically conscious manner.

Our aim is to promote year on year improvement in our environmental policy and to target waste as a central area for improvement.

The key objectives of our environmental policy are:

• Strict compliance with all relevant environmental legal requirements, codes and regulations.

• Strict control of dust, noise and vibration.

• Ensuring the effective management of the natural resources used in our operations.

• Influencing the design process to maximise its environmental effectiveness.

• Seeking to replace raw materials with recycled alternatives.

• Improving the efficiency of our transportation and reduce our emissions with the effective management of vehicle use and scheduling of deliveries.

• Establishing targets for improvement in key areas and to improve on them year on year.

• Reducing the environmental impact of our back office operations by encouraging the use of electronic communication and improving the energy efficiency of our offices and workshops.

• Work towards ISO14001 accreditation.

Waste Policy

Waste is one of the largest concerns for our company and for the construction industry as a whole. It is our policy to constantly seek ways to reduce waste and increase our recycling levels.

• It is our policy to carry out a site waste management plan prior to the commencement of a project to identify the waste streams that will be generated and to seek ways to mitigate them.

• It is our policy to have heavily packaged products delivered to our offices to enable us to separate the recyclable waste such as cardboard boxes.

• We will ensure that any toxic or environmentally harmful waste is handled with the relevant control measures and disposed of in the most effective manner.

• We will ensure that any waste generated that cannot be recycled is disposed of correctly via registered waste carriers and disposal sites.