Advantages of Landscape Lighting

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Advantages of Landscape Lighting

Lewis | March 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

With the domination of plants when it comes to landscaping, it can be easy to forget that so much more ‘make’ a garden, collectively. Elements that spring immediately to mind include water features, garden and grounds maintenance, and planters or furniture. But lighting can really make a garden go that extra mile, making it come to life during the darker hours of the day. Aesthetically, they are a brilliant asset to have for your garden landscape, but what else can they offer? You’d be surprised how many more functional benefits landscape lighting can bring. Understanding these benefits is important, especially if you are considering the possibility of landscape lighting in your garden, as they can help you decide which lighting systems are best for you. If you are eco-conscious like us here at Oakleigh Manor, there are methods which use alternative power methods too, as opposed to electricity. So garden lighting can realistically suit any and every garden. With that in mind, let’s crack on with their benefits…



Let’s start with the aesthetics of landscape lighting. It is the most obvious; it is the first that comes to mind, as it can really enhance the appearance of your home. It isn’t a contemporary idea, either. Since the 19th Century development of interior lighting fuels, this technology soon moved outside into the garden. When positioned properly, lighting can really make the architectural features of your home and garden pop out and come to life, even after dark. Not only this, they can add a sense of drama to your landscape. All in all, they can make it look even more beautiful!


Perhaps the second-most obvious benefit. Lights in the garden can increase the functionality of your garden space. With the right lighting, both front and rear gardens can be utilised in a whole host of manners long after sundown. This is an especially attractive notion in the summertime, when outdoor dining and conversation with friends and family are popular due to the warmer atmosphere. You can even surround patio tables with additional lighting to still see your plate long into the night!


It’s true! The addition of a couple of outdoor lights can even increase your home security. With more lights and therefore the reduction of dark, hiding places where a potential criminal can conceal themselves are minimised. This makes it all the more difficult for a potential burglar to enter your home unnoticed. This is assuming they target your home! With garden lighting, it has the high possibility that it will deter them altogether, before an unethical thought even enters their mind.


If the security benefit of landscape lighting relates to that of your home from external factors, then the safety benefit relates to that of you and your family from the landscape itself. Let me explain. Hazards such as steps, drop kerbs and tripping hazards in general are dangerous enough during the daytime when they are at their most visible, let alone at night when vision is impaired. With lighting, you are less likely to fall, and potentially sustain serious injury. Not only this, with garden lighting increasing functionality, you could have children running around during those aforementioned summer evenings. The last thing you need in your relaxed private life is a child being hurt for not being able to see a certain hazard. The whole concept of landscape lighting providing safety is especially relevant to visitors to your home; make sure they can come and go with ease!

There could well be more benefits of landscape lighting than those mentioned above. If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.