Al Fresco: What to Consider When Setting Up an Outdoor Kitchen

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Al Fresco: What to Consider When Setting Up an Outdoor Kitchen

Naim | March 28, 2019 | 0 Comments

Spring is finally here and summer is right around the corner. Celebrate the end of the shivering Kent winter by bringing out the old barbie and start grilling some fresh sausages. If you’re more adept at using the oven, you’re probably excited to bake some pork pie. What better way to do this than to set up your very own outdoor kitchen to soak up some sun while you’re cooking the food or enjoying it with your guests afterwards.

The Space

You can’t just start putting appliances on your garden without modifying the space first. You may want to pave some of its areas so your equipment doesn’t touch the grass. Think about your guests, as well. Do you want your garden to have a picnic style layout or are you planning to bring chairs and tables into the mix? If it’s the latter, then you have to invest in more tiles or concrete to support them. For this kind of work, you may have to enlist the help of concrete contractors and garden designers.

It doesn’t hurt to spruce up your garden, either. The perfect plants to decorate your kitchen are ornamental herbs like silver thyme and salem rosemary. They don’t just look great, but you can harvest and cook them, too. Talk about double purpose!

Great Cookware

The essential outdoor cooking appliance is the grill. You can never go wrong with a simple charcoal grill. Just load up your tinder, light it up, and you’re good to go. This type, however, burns at high temperatures so it’s ideal to cook thick meat like steaks and sausages here. You have to babysit your veggies on this grill to prevent them from over-cooking.

If you’re looking for a fast and more controlled way of cooking your barbecue, go with a gas grill. This runs on propane or natural gas. They’re easy to use as well. You only need to turn a knob to get some heat going. You lose out on the smoky flavour that charcoal grilles bring, though. They’re more expensive, too.

When it comes to outdoor ovens, you need to hire a pizza oven contractor to set one up for you. You have to shell out a couple of pounds, but it’s worth it when you’re enjoying backyard baking activities with friends and family.

Comfortable Seats

When it comes to choosing your outdoor seats, you want something that is low maintenance but doesn’t look cheap. If you want a rustic vibe for your outdoor kitchen, rattan or wicker chairs are great choices. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful. It’s also easy to clean. Some mild detergent and water can do the trick. Plastic, in hindsight, might look cheap. But it also comes in designs that look like wooden lawn chairs. If you want to have a laid-back feel for your space, this material is perfect. It’s also low maintenance, stackable, and affordable. Though wood and steel have their advantages, they need extra care to stand up against the elements. In any case, let your garden design dictate your kitchen design.

The Best People

You shouldn’t celebrate the dawn of spring alone. Use your outdoor kitchen to serve delicious dishes to your friends and family. Enjoy the sun with nice outdoor cooking activities like pie or pizza making. Ask your grill veteran friends or family members to teach you how to set up and cook on your grill. If you’re the pitmaster of the bunch, teach some of your guests how to cook the best steak and sausages.

There’s nothing quite like spending time outdoors with friends and family. The designs and appliances you chose are for their enjoyment, after all.

The Garden You Deserve

An outdoor kitchen wouldn’t look as great if your garden is a mess. Here at Oakleigh Manor, we provide garden designs for every taste. Our team of experts offers complete design services for gardens of every size — from a tiny backyard to several acres of land. We also offer landscaping, garden lighting, grounds maintenance services, and more.

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