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Automated Gates at Oakleigh Manor

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Automated Gates at Oakleigh Manor

Lewis | February 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Oakleigh Manor are so much more than just landscaping. That is only one arm of our company, as our expertise ranges from resin gravel surfacing to irrigation, from oak framed car barns, to oak framed garden rooms. You can see all of our services on our website: https://oakleighmanor.com. Another service, however, that we have had a large number of enquiries for in recent weeks has been our automated gates installation. Not only this, quite a percentage of these enquiries have led to installation, and as a result of our professionalism, a lot of happy clients.

The gate that you can see to your left is called the Biddenden gate; we have the ingenious system in naming our gates with where they were first installed! Whether that be through place name, or the name of the house we installed that gate, the system is a personal touch. As you can see in that image, there is an intercom system on the right-hand side. Our automated gates not only look splendid in any environment, they also provide the client with added privacy, and increased security. That’s a win-win scenario!

However, the Biddenden is just one of our gates; the only reason there’s only one on this article as I feel the post will be too big to upload if I add all the images I would like you to see! Dismay not, though, you can see all of our gate styles and designs, on the dedicated page on the Oakleigh Manor website: https://oakleighmanor.com/services/automated-electric-gates/. All are very beautiful; craftsmanship at its finest! Of course, we are realistic; we understand that in the mind’s eye of a number of you are thinking of the price. But fear not! The price lists for each of our gates can be found on the above link too!

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