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Autumn Horticultural Update

Thoughts and musings

Autumn Horticultural Update

Carys Field | October 14, 2016 | 0 Comments

Oakleigh Manor Horticultural Service would like to congratulate our clients Mr and Mrs Graham for winning the 2016 Veronica Knight Floral Competition for their Cottage Garden display.  We are delighted to have been invited into the garden on a few occasions where we have watched it develop into a truly beautiful area. Although many of the ideas and hard work have come from Mr and Mrs Graham, our team have visited the garden at keys moments to provide their Horticultural knowledge and expertise.


We work in so many incredible gardens, and it is lovely when they are recognised in this way.   In some of our gardens we are planning ahead to next year by planting spring bulbs. We are excited to be using the Gee-Tee bulb company, a family-owned business that have been selling bulbs since 1961. Our order of thousands of bulbs arrived earlier this week and we have begun to plant them today. In many of the pots we are layering multiple bulbs to create a ‘bulb lasagne.’ The largest and latest flowering bulb are planted deepest and the smallest early flowering bulbs are planted above. If the correct bulbs are selected, the bulb lasagne can ensure a display of colour for months. We are eager to see the results in the spring.   Now we are experiencing a change in the weather we can begin to plant bare root and root ball trees and plants. The bare root season is anticipated to begin the second week of November, an ideal time to plant whips, which are a cheaper method of creating hedges using more juvenile specimens.   Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you would like to discuss planting, spring bulbs or any other features of your garden.