Benefits of Landscaping

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Benefits of Landscaping

Lewis | March 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

Landscaping doesn’t just supply a method of modification of an area of land for visual purposes. Granted, that is the primary reason to landscape, but there are added perks to it. The source for this blog post has come from Landscaping Queensland, a governing body for landscape and garden maintenance in the aforementioned state in Australia. The reasons for landscaping are broken down into four categories: economic, health, environmental & social. We will look at each category individually.

It is quite obvious that the value of your home can be increased via landscaping; an attractive garden and the benefits it brings can be reflected in the price you may get for your house, if you’re looking to sell. Not only will it make it more attractive to potential buyers, it can even reduce the time your property is on the market. Obviously, this is all subject to the state of the housing market, but an attractive garden is only going to increase the likelihood of your home being purchased quicker. From a health perspective, cleaner air is provided with a landscape of photosynthesising plants, it can promote an active lifestyle, stress levels can decrease, and privacy for you and your family is promoted.

Environmental aspect of landscaping include the controlling of extreme temperatures that may occur at certain points of the year, and the reduction in evaporation and soil degradation. There are numerous others, such as the promotion of wildlife – this is one added by the Oakleigh Manor team! Finally, social reasons to landscape include the enhanced liveability feature, especially in highly built-up areas, and the providing of an attractive environment for entertainment and relaxation. There are so many more benefits; this list is by no means a comprehensive one. If you have any more, please do share them in the comment section below.

However, we do recommend the landscaping of your home is carried out by professionals. It is a trade where highly skilled teams with years of experience and expertise is required. It is not a simple job of getting out the shovel yourself to, say, increase the value of your home. Amateur landscaping is obvious to the eye, it runs the risk of property damage, and even the devaluation of your home! The benefits that professional landscapers bring are nigh-on endless, and hugely invaluable, such as that of artistic design. Landscaping Queensland implore that heavily.

Professionalism is central to the ethos here at Oakleigh Manor; we pride ourselves on it, from the design stage all the way through the end-product. Specialising in bespoke projects, we are a BALI Award-winning company, outlining our standing amongst landscapers in the UK. If you’d like to find out more, please visit our website: Also, please find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to see our latest news and projects.