Bringing Life to Landscapes with Fun Features

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Bringing Life to Landscapes with Fun Features

Josh | March 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

TrellisDaring to be a bit extraordinary can be highly rewarding, and with these fun features, you can bring life to your otherwise ordinary landscape:

Moon Gate

If you want to cultivate a mystical mood in your garden, a moon gate is what you need. No matter what landscape you have, the curved shape of the moon gate will fit harmoniously with it, making entering your garden a transcendental event.

Colourful Trellis

There is no sense in sticking with plain wood when you can have a glossy fire engine red trellis. With that said, make a bold colour selection and watch your garden become more vibrant.

Bean Tepee

If you are planning to plant beans in your garden, there is no need to keep them along a fence in neat rows; try a bean tepee instead.

Hanging Birdbath

If you adore birdbaths, but prefer to keep your feathered friends away from felines, consider a hanging birdbath. The birds will love being out of harm’s way, whilst you’ll appreciate having a visual interest in your garden.

Art Boulders

One, or up to four, huge rocks can do wonders and bring life to your landscape. With a single, big rock, you can define a zone, add interest to a grassy area or highlight a favourite spot.

Pain boulders are wonderful on their own, but painted stones are another choice to consider if you want an artful twist.

Bench with a View

Even though having a bench in a garden seems quite ordinary, if you place it parallel to a special view, it can be an extraordinary feature in your landscape.

Incorporate unusual, yet fun ideas in your landscape. To make your garden even more special, contact us here at Oakleigh Manor. We can help you create a landscape that is full of life.