Building a Garden with a “Black Thumb”

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Building a Garden with a “Black Thumb”

Josh | February 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

You may not think you’ll ever be a gardener because you once tried growing tomatoes and ended up with disastrous results. You may also point out that you do not have enough room or free time to build a garden.

Whatever your reason for not being a gardener, here at Oakleigh Manor, we have counterarguments for the two most common reasons people give up on gardening.

“I kill every plant I touch.”

If you think you have a “black thumb” because you kill every plant you touch, don’t just accept that your plants will die or become infested eventually.

It is fine to expect your green companions to die eventually, but every plant that dies in your hands can make you a better gardener. Once you have experienced a plant dying in your care, you will understand more about the things it needs to survive and even thrive.

To prevent the untimely demise of your greens, look out for cues such as yellowing leaves, rotting roots, low vigour and other issues. Taking note of these signs early on will allow you to research a bit about the necessary steps that can turn things around.

Plants are sometimes purchased near death, making them fall apart within a week. Under no circumstance should you blame yourself in this case. The people in the garden department of the local non specialised retailer may not have the proper training to know the requirements of each individual plant. As such, it is quite common for them to market plants in the wrong season. If you received an infested plant, return it and then head to an established garden centre before you start blaming your black thumb.

“Gardening costs too much.”

Gardening can become costly if you do not know how to spend your money wisely. If you know where and how to shop, however, it can still be an affordable hobby.
Fortunately, plants do go on sale. If you get the chance, purchase as much as you can from bargain sections of garden centres or at plant sales. If you want to get them for free, ask the gardeners you know if they can give you a few cuttings, divisions and seeds.

For garden equipment such as pots and planters, visit flea markets or repurpose old, unused items around the house.

Stop blaming your black thumb and give gardening another chance with these tips. For more gardening advice, contact us here at Oakleigh Manor. We can help you build a garden that will survive and thrive despite your protestations.