Current Landscaping project – Sevenoaks, Kent

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Current Landscaping project – Sevenoaks, Kent

Stuart | June 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

This current project in Sevenoaks, Kent is now entering week 4 within the rear garden.

The Oakleigh Manor team have made great headway with the garden clearence and groundwork phase which is almost complete within the rear garden.

Careful Dismantling

The site teams have removed all the unwanted planting, lifted and healed in the plants that were due to stay in the new scheme, carefully unpicked the old patios, summerhouse, lawn and the various other items within the old garden were due to be removed.


All the unwanted brushwood within the old garden, approx 60m3 in volume has been cleared, this is being chipped into path mulch or composted into organic compost once complete.

The old slabs, concrete bases and hardcore have all been removed, our spoil away company will crush them down into useable aggregates for new bases and hardcore layers.

The topsoil removed from the old lawn and planting areas is stockpiled, then redistributed around the garden in the correct depths to form the new lawn and planting beds.

New Lighting system

A new multi core steel wire armoured cable has been trenched around the garden creating junction points at above ground loops for the lighting team to carry out their final fix phase in a few weeks time.

The new hardscape

The sub-bases have been installed at the correct depth, and the new terrace surfaces are being installed. Oken sandstone laid in linear row format broken up by black granite planking create the striking new terraces.

Look out for more blogs as things develop, this project is going to be stunning!