Drive Up Your Driveway Design: 3 Ideas for an Amazing Driveway Project

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Drive Up Your Driveway Design: 3 Ideas for an Amazing Driveway Project

Josh | December 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

There is no steering around it: driveways play a big role in the appearance of any home. The typical 20 by 40 foot suburban driveway occupies an estimated 800 square feet of the front yard, which is almost half a tennis court. Most homeowners, however, look at their driveways as mere slabs of concrete.

With a little imagination and a little bit of help, homeowners can get rid of boring concrete and create a great-looking driveway; homeowners can turn the pathway to their homes from a plain old walkway into something more inviting, and one that is full of personality.

Listed below are some great driveway design ideas from Oakleigh Manor’s very own craftsmen:

Flowers to Line the Driveway

Adding some flowers to line the sides of the driveway can introduce colour and life to the home. It is important, however, to be careful with the flower arrangement, including the hues of the flowers. Dark pink and other colours, such as purple and red, beautifully add a pop of colour, especially against a backdrop of dark green bushes.

Breaking Up the Concrete or Adding Blocks with Holes

Breaking up the concrete into separate blocks and then adding grass in between creates a luxurious feel in any home. Homeowners can also choose durable porous pavers—blocks designed with holes allow for plant growth.

Porous pavers are not only aesthetically appealing; they are also an environmentally friendly choice for homeowners. The concrete or plastic blocks let the rain pass through the ground underneath, which reduces the runoff that makes yards carry pollutants to waterways.

A Gate That Adds Class

Adding a gate to the driveway adds privacy—in most cases, it also adds class depending on the design. Gates come in all materials and designs; with Oakleigh Manor, homeowners can even choose from our automated and electric gate collection: The Gosmere, Biddenden, Woodfood, Headcorn, Chartham, and the stunning Ensign Gate set.

Oakleigh Manor can help homeowners transform their driveways into one that drives up the value of their home. We have a team of talented designers and highly skilled builders to take on any kind of driveway project.

Contact us today to discuss your potential driveway project.