Driveway project in Meopham, Kent – September Rain!

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Driveway project in Meopham, Kent – September Rain!

Stuart | September 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

Driveway project update: Day 4

Project Type: Driveway

Design: Sketch type by Stuart Barten

Expected Duration: 14 Days

Update Details:

Day 2 on Thursday was 29 degrees, Day 4 Monday pouring down and 13 degrees. We guess Summer becomes Autumn pretty quick.

The groundwork team are nearly there, the excavation process has been quite time consuming as the old concrete driveways were so thick, making it hard to break out and remove. To add to that, weve exposed most of the services that go into the house, only 20cm deep in places. the guys have done a fantastic job, not breaking any of the numerous pipes or cables.

By the end of Day 5 we will have removed 36tons of broken out concrete, another 40 tons of subsoil, this will create new driveway depth to create the new porous base layers suitable for the new SUDS compliant surface.

On Day 6 we plan to install the new 58t of porous Type C base material, then 9.2 tons of screeding material, then the laying team can get to work installing the new porous paved surface on Day 7,8,9,10,11.

The next photos should be looking remotely driveway like! we hope!!