Five Cardinal Rules in Garden Design

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Five Cardinal Rules in Garden Design

Josh | February 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

Out of everything you can design in your home, your garden will give you the most opportunities in expressing your individuality and personal style. With a proper system in designing your garden, you can have a little piece of nature in your home.

On a single sheet of paper, you can visualise how the garden would pan out. Starting this way will let you analyse and choose the best design that will fit your specifications. Nevertheless, there are cardinal rules to follow in designing your backyard.

1. Contrast and Colours

There are many greens in a garden. It is important to include this aspect when choosing the colours of the flowers and other things you would like to incorporate in your design. This way, you can better use the contrasting colours to make your yard more vibrant.

2. Pick the Right Soil

Picking the right soils is easy enough. Once you have chosen your flowers, figure out which soil supports their growth best. Moreover, if there are spare spaces where you do not have or cannot put soil, cover the ground with beautiful hardscapes.

3. Plant Based on Height Order

It is important for the smaller flowers to be in front, especially as these kinds are much showier than the tall ones. You will not want your border phlox to be overshadowed by the less-coloured Oriental lilies.

4. Picking the Focal Points

Having focal points in your garden helps you with balancing the design. Knowing where you can put a bench, statue or other décor will have a big aesthetic effect on your garden.

5. Creating a Layered Garden

Creating layers will add dimension and help you in developing a beautiful scenery in your backyard. Make sure that everything is in order to maximise each of your plants and decoration’s quality.

By following these steps, you can have a botanical haven in your home. Oakleigh Manor can deliver exceptional garden design services. Contact our staff and let us know how we can help enhance the charm of your property.