Formal, Urban, or Oriental: Choosing a Garden Design

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Formal, Urban, or Oriental: Choosing a Garden Design

Josh | June 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

There are many garden styles, and each is open to the own interpretation of gardeners. Most fall under their country of origin, such as in the case of Chinese, Dutch, and English gardens. Some are categorised by historical empires, like Roman and Persian. They are those that are based on religion, such as Islamic and Biblical gardens. Whatever you choose, it is important to consider what you would like to see in your garden. Think about what currently exists in your space and the things that you need to achieve your ideal style.

You have many options for garden design, but if you love symmetry, clean lines, and neat edges, consider a formal, an urban, or an oriental garden. Here are the features of each style and ways to create them:

Formal Gardens

A time-honoured style, formal gardens reflect perfect geometric precision and symmetry. They are ideal for those who love straight lines, neat edges, and a sense of order. Formal gardens are usually framed by straight flower borders, have long, clear views, and include one focal point, such as a sitting area or water feature. Choose flowers that feature complementary colour schemes for added interest. Place boxy hedges around the garden. Define paths and walkways, and keep the space clean and tiny throughout the seasons.

Urban Gardens

A great urban garden makes the most of the available space, creating an illusion that more is actually there. They are ideal for properties with limited outdoor space and suit people who are searching for a garden that requires minimal upkeep. If the space is limited for ground shrubs and flower bedding, containers may provide the answer. Grow plants in pots and place them together or around the garden. Hang plants on walls to make an impact.

Oriental Gardens

Oriental gardens are simple and minimalist, but tranquil in nature. They feature raked sand, clusters of stones and rocks, and serene water features. You can create an oriental garden even in the most modest sized outdoor area. The style has a clean appearance and makes a compact space look larger. Buy ready-made bamboo screens, lots of gravel, and different kinds of stones and rocks. Add a water feature, such as a small pond or fountain, and grow Japanese plants, conifers, ferns, and grasses.

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