Garden Design & Build Project, Sevenoaks, Kent, Day 12

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Garden Design & Build Project, Sevenoaks, Kent, Day 12

Stuart | March 27, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 12

Its been freezing and its the last week of March, it felt like summer today, peaked at 4 degrees.

The team have been battling with the temps, but made great progress installing the concrete foundations for the steps, the remaining retaining walls and made good headway with the paddlestone walling.

The picture is a bit messy, half way through a busy day today, we have frost protection everywhere to protect from the overnight lows, boards laid out to stop us sinking in the clay.

We are getting there, a little behind schedule but with the weather the way it has been since day 1 its a wonder weve got so far.

Look out for another update at the soon, were get some pictures of the new features something for you to enjoy.

Spring is in the air, but i did say that last week. Hey Ho!