Garden Design: Getting Focal Points Right

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Garden Design: Getting Focal Points Right

Josh | October 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

Emphasis is one of the most important traits of a garden. A space without at least one focal point almost always pales in comparison to other spaces that have something to catch the eye of every onlooker and passer-by. Every designer will agree that a focal point is essential in ensuring that your garden exudes a striking charm like no other.

Why Build a Focal Point

One strong visual element to offset everything else in the background is a classic trick in design – and it is a classic for one good reason: focus. A garden covers quite a lot of space, which can easily distract the eye and make the whole scene appear messy. A focal point provides the area with a form of anchor that grounds all elements together, making it look more coherent. Focal points also blur the ordinariness of a garden and make the space more interesting.

How to Get Focal Points Right

So yes, a focal point is important, but how exactly do you get this one right in your garden design? The answer lies within the interplay of five factors: colour, direction, height, light, and position. A design may feature one or more of these factors to establish focus and improve the space’s visual appeal.

For example, an arbour featuring a rustic wooden bench right in the middle of lush foliage makes for an interesting focal point. Seeing such a sight automatically drives your attention toward the bench without overshadowing the verdant plants around. This is the magic of a focal point – it can direct your eye to that sweet spot in the space where everything appears more beautifully.

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