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Garden Joinery

Lewis | February 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

Joinery is a type of carpentry which consists of the cutting and fitting together of wood without nails, screws or other metal fasteners, such as bolts. This type of construction is very specialist, and it takes a large amount of training to be a fully competent joiner. One of the many services that Oakleigh Manor offers is garden joinery, where we use a variety of eye-catching, striking screen systems to suit your garden needs. The four systems we use are the Westbury, Kingsgate, Mayfair and Chilham Trellis systems, the latter of which you can see in the image to the left of this blog post. To view all of these systems, their styles and what benefits they can provide, ranging from aesthetics to privacy promotion, please visit, the designated page for garden joinery on the Oakleigh Manor website.

A number of our garden joinery projects have contributed in building bespoke roof gardens in London; due to the limited amount of land space in London for homeowners, a number of people at the top end of the market have invested in these roof gardens. This may be simply for decorative benefits, but they can also provide food, temperature control, architectural enhancement, habitats for wildlife and areas for recreational activities. You can click here for an article from The Telegraph which shows some beautiful roof gardens in London, mainly in the prosperous areas in the West of the capital. You will see that the roof gardens in Belgravia and Hammersmith featured in the article contain joinery screens similar to those offered by Oakleigh Manor.

Roof gardens aren’t just a contemporary fad, though. They are much more than that, with quite a history to boot. Perhaps the most famous are the Kensington Roof Gardens in Central London. Publicly accessible from the district’s High Street, the garden were created between 1936 and 1938 by landscape architect Ralph Hancock. Facilities in the roof gardens include a restaurant, and even a nightclub. The prestige of such an installation is highlighted by the fact that the gardens are currently rented from their owners by Sir Richard Branson, for the luxury branch of his Virgin Group portfolio!

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