Garden Pests Series: Z…

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Garden Pests Series: Z…

Lewis | May 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

…is for (Rosa) ‘Zéphirine Drouhin’.

So this is it! The last instalment in our Garden Pests Series is here! It has been an absolute privilege to bring it to you, and I hope it has been equally enjoyable for you to read each and every one. To relive them all, click here to see all the blog posts, from ‘A’ to ‘Z’, to read your favourites. Talking of ‘Z’: the last letter of the alphabet brings us the Zéphirine Drouhin rose, the subject of this Series. The rose itself isn’t a pest, rather we will be exploring what different pests can affect this beautifully-fragrant flower, which is very popular amongst gardeners. You may know the plant as a bourbon rose or a thornless rose, but we are taking using the Zéphirine Drouhin as so to meet the the requirement of ending with the last letter of the alphabet!

This flower is a climbing rose, much like the one in the featured image for this blog. As a result, despite the fact they prefer warmer climates, they are a very popular plant for vertical ornamental gardeners. For example, they are ideal for those with limited growing space; they do not take up a lot of room on the ground and they can grow between six feet and ten feet in height. Having said that, they are also useful candidates for borders and edgings, too. Their popularity, mainly due to the fragrance they have, are the main reason why the Zéphirine Drouhin is the focus of this blog post. They, like many plants, are susceptible to a number of garden pests and diseases.

One garden pest that can affect them include aphids; ironically, they were the subject of the first Garden Pests Series blog post, which you can find by clicking here. However, a selection of other garden pests can also affect this ornamental favourite, including:

  • Spider mites, caterpillars, Japanese beetles, rose midges and slugs, black spot, powdery mildew, a range of viruses…

There are more, but to be frank I don’t have the time at my desk to write them all out! You can find them all online, or ask for advice at your local garden centre or provider of ornamental plants. For controlling the different nuisances and diseases that threaten the Zéphirine Drouhin rose population in your garden, the first port of call is simply decent horticultural practice. However, this alone isn’t enough; regular fungicide treatments may be required, especially during the warmer months when the plant’s growth is at its fullest. For individual treatments for the different species that may ail this rose, treatment methods are widely available online. For aphids, you’l be able to find them in the blog post by clicking the link in the above paragraph.

So that’s it! The Garden Pests Series is officially over! We hope you enjoyed it; our marketing team is working to bring you another series of blogs, starting in the very near future. So keep your eyes peeled and we’ll keep you posted on Facebook and Twitter!



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