Growing Up with the Green and Growing

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Growing Up with the Green and Growing

Josh | February 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

Today’s lifestyle has put more emphasis on what we do indoors. Outdoor spaces have become simple attractions. According to a collection of reports from the BBC, this lifestyle change has made a significant impact on younger generations, with children having fewer interactions with nature.

Fortunately, you could start bringing the green at home with a child-friendly garden. Here are some tips on implementing a garden design your kids would love:

Give them free space

Children love to play, and they would always look for avenues to explore and spaces where they could run. Before you even design the garden, stake a claim that they would have a certain space in the garden where they can play freely. Provide them with a tent, a special room, or any other refuge for playtime.

Include them in the process

Children will be more interested if they are part of the garden design process. Make them choose which plants they want to have in the garden. You may also come up with a theme such as an herb garden you can use for your culinary adventures with your young one or a perfume garden that uses fragrant flowers.

Attract fauna

Kids love observing and interacting with moving objects, which makes it better for your garden to be attractive to birds, insects, and other animals. Look for plants that attract butterflies or fish ponds.

Utilise water

Water features are great fun for children, as they can see this as another opportunity for playtime and interaction. Simple fountains can add a certain charm to your landscape, but you could go for flashier additions like a complete water course with a waterfall.

Make it a learning experience

Signposts and sundials can make the garden educational, but simple additions of touch plants, edible flora, and herbs could already do the job. It is important to spark your child’s curiosity so they may learn more about their surroundings.

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