Illuminate: How Lighting Enhances Your Landscape Garden

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Illuminate: How Lighting Enhances Your Landscape Garden

Josh | September 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

Humans and other mammals have three colour receptors, allowing us to see many colours. Light affects how people see a colour. Hues tend to be quite different, depending on the angle of the light.

Significance of Landscape Lighting

Garden landscaping is essential to homes because it can make a dull yard a more pleasing sight. Houses with attractive landscapes have more value than those that do not have such a feature. With proper lighting, you can heighten the appearance of your garden.

Sunlight travels for eight minutes and 17 seconds from the sun before reaching the earth’s surface. At night, people tend to overlook the magnificence of landscapes because of insufficient light to aid the vision. With proper lighting, you can maximise the pleasure your garden can provide.

Role of Proper Installation

Artificial lighting in your garden gives an atmospheric glow that depicts a relaxing setting. To achieve remarkable illumination for the landscape, you must install the lighting system properly. At Oakleigh Manor, we have in-house lighting designers who use a range of traditional and contemporary light fittings.

Outdoor lighting is principally different from indoor ones. There is a higher amount of light needed outside because most surfaces are dark and do not reproduce light. It requires more protection from harmful elements and strategic positioning.

Placing a lighting system in your landscape garden is not as easy as placing a lamp in one corner of the house. Let our team show you the secret of magical lighting. With our help, you can achieve a dramatic and subtle warming tone in your garden.

Placing Lighting System Strategically

While you can technically position the lighting system anywhere in the garden, placing them on certain spots can either increase or decrease its effect on the landscape. Correctly installed lights have been proven to be cost-efficient. Some areas, though, look better with dim or lesser light. Outdoor landscape lighting can be used to highlight a specific spot in the garden.

At Oakleigh Manor, we can assist you with your landscape lighting system, from choosing the right set of bulbs and amount of watts to installation and maintenance of the electrical components. Contact us today so we can start the assessment of your garden as soon as possible. Let us provide you with cost-efficient electrical and lighting solutions for your outdoor space.