Illuminated Paradise: Improving Your Garden’s Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

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Illuminated Paradise: Improving Your Garden’s Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

Josh | January 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

The power of a good garden lighting system cannot be understated. It creates a whole new world that’s out of the ordinary. It can make a garden look exquisitely stunning and superb. For homeowners who take pride in their gardens, lighting can make a huge difference.

Here at Oakleigh Manor, we’ve seen how garden lighting design can transform a humble patch of green earth to an illuminated paradise. Careful planning is the key to achieving this. If you’re looking to improve the increase the appeal of your garden with outdoor lighting fixtures, you have to take several things into account.


Shades Create Visual Intensity

Lights can make the best features of a particular area stand out. For instance, if you want to highlight the colours of your orchid collection, you can place a lighting fixture near them. During the night, the contrasting shades will create eye-catching intensity. It’s like seeing your prized plants and flowers in another light.

Lights Improve Security

A properly illuminated garden improves home security, as well. When you install outdoor lighting systems, it is harder for trespassers to intrude unnoticed. As advanced lighting systems let you control which place to illuminate, you have more control over your security measures.

Lights help you navigate the garden safely. Put some lighting near possible hazards like a swimming pool or a dark corner. This way, you and your visitors can safely admire the garden’s beauty even at night.

Setting the Ambience

If there has to be just one reason you should use outdoor lighting features, let it be that they create an exquisite ambience. You can experiment with light intensity, colour, or elevation to get the effect you want. You can even customise the lights for different occasions. Talk to our team of experts about the options we offer.

Garden lighting is an effective way to boost your home’s appeal and security. Design and installation, however, are not for the untrained. You can work with us to come up with a beautiful and functional design scheme. Contact us to know more about our landscaping services.