Importance of Irrigation

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Importance of Irrigation

Lewis | March 13, 2015 | 0 Comments

When people hear the word ‘irrigation’, they instantly think of sprinkler systems. There’s a number of other types of irrigation, sure. But it’s not as if it is a recent development. The artificial application of water to land or soil has been a pivotal part of agriculture for over 5,000 years! In 2008, the area of irrigated land worldwide is almost equivalent to the land surface area of India. The process has a number of different uses, especially in agriculture, but is also a method of landscape maintenance, encouraging the revegetation of disturbed soils. Not only this, irrigation can aid crops grown in areas of inadequate rainfall. This is just a brief overview, but the importance of it cannot be stressed enough.



There is a number of different irrigation methods, but here at Oakleigh Manor, we offer:

              • Pop-up sprinklers;
              • Micro sprinklers;
              • Adjustable drippers, and;
              • Dripline water distribution.

Due to this different range, Oakleigh Manor can install irrigation systems to suit any area, whether it be a medium-large garden found in rural areas, large commercial spaces such as golf courses, or even a balcony, greenhouse or small garden. Some of these methods will be more suitable for certain irrigation projects than others. For example, driplines would be more suitable in a greenhouse, whereas pop-up sprinklers would be much better suited in much larger areas. Either way, the experts here Oakleigh Manor can advise you on your best course of action.

The importance of irrigation is outlined in the opening paragraph; of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, you can visit the dedicated webpage for irrigation systems on the Oakleigh Manor website by clicking here. However, we aren’t just going to glaze over the fact that irrigation can involve a lot of water use. An irrigation system installed by someone else can lead to reduced river flow, increased waterlogging, as well as disruptions in the water table. However, here at Oakleigh Manor we recognise that an irrigation system drawing water from the ground can have adverse affects. We take this very seriously, and that is why with us, you will get comprehensive advice on sustainable water supply, and how to factor this into your system. Whether these adverse affects are bypassed by the installation of a reservoir or a rainwater harvesting system, we always include environmental concern into your system, as not only does this make your system more sustainable, it can also save you money and water supply, and maintain your irrigated area for years to come.