In Bloom: Secrets to a Healthy Garden

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In Bloom: Secrets to a Healthy Garden

Josh | December 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

Healthy GardenA beautiful garden is an owner’s pride. As one of the UK’s leading providers of reliable landscape and gardern maintenance services, Oakleigh Manor will keep your small or large garden healthy and looking great.

Caring for your garden doesn’t stop at planting the right species of plants, and decorating the soroundings with additional garden features. There are other important aspects to keep in mind to ensure your garden’s health. Here are three main areas where we can help:

Irrigation System

To state the obvious, plants require water to live and flourish. An efficient irrigation system is a good investment if you’re looking for a way to save on water consumption. Oakleigh Manor will design and install the right irrigation system to fit your garden’s size and requirement.

We also provide rainwater-harvesting methods to maximise your savings. Our moisture control sensors will inform you when you need to water the plants. This will avoid excessive water loss and root rotting, which occurs when there’s too much moisture in the soil.


Proper nutrition is important to your plants and other species living in your garden. Using the right amount of fertiliser at the right time will help the plants grow faster and healthier. Our fertilisation units are designed to feed your landscape at specific volumes and intervals.

Weed Control

The presence of unwanted plants affects the plants’ growth and nutrition. Proper weed control is the key to keeping the ecological balance in your landscape. Our landscapers and horticulturists will identify and remove unwanted plants in your residential or commercial garden.

Together, we can make your garden as healthy and efficient as possible. Contact us to book your initial site visit today.