Just Add Water: Ideas for Garden Water Installations

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Just Add Water: Ideas for Garden Water Installations

Josh | August 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

Water features enhance the beauty of any garden. They add a quiet, trickling sound that creates a peaceful ambience. When designed well, a water feature can work brilliantly as the focal point for your garden landscape. Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Small Pond

Other than making your garden look attractive, a small pond offers a serene spot where you can just sit and relax or spend a quiet afternoon reading. This water feature also allows you to create a natural habitat for plants, small animals, and some species of fish.

While it may look appealing as a separate feature, a garden pond works well with other garden water features, such as fountains and waterfalls. Adding floating plants like water hyacinths will bring your garden pond to life. Strategic placement of these plants and some rocks also hide pumps and filters that the pond needs to maintain water clarity.

Some people are hesitant when it comes to building a pond, thinking it could attract mosquitoes. But the garden pond is the last place mosquitoes would want to live, as their larvae need stagnant water to survive to adulthood. Besides, they will just end up as food for the birds, small frogs, fish, and dragonflies.

Wall Fountain

The natural sound and motion of flowing water evokes a calming effect. One of the best ways to create this is by adding a wall fountain to your landscape. Usually built with a decorative spout that shoots water into a small basin, a wall fountain can look appealing when you frame it with colourful plants.

You may choose to install a prefabricated wall fountain or have a custom one designed for your garden. When installed to shoot water into the pond, the fountain will keep the pond’s water circulating while adding oxygen for the fish.

Garden Waterfall

A waterfall will make your landscaped garden even more interesting. Piling coloured and shaped rocks around the base will provide a natural look. The rocks are also great spots for aquatic plants and natural mosses to grow.

Make sure the scale of the waterfall fits the size of the pond. It shouldn’t upset the balance of the overall landscape design. To help focus the attention of visitors, create a shoreline between the waterfall, the pond, and the garden itself.

Working with professional landscapers will help you install the right water feature for your garden. Get in touch with us to learn about your options.