Sevenoaks, Kent – Landscape Design & Build project update

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Sevenoaks, Kent – Landscape Design & Build project update

Stuart | March 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day Six

After Snow, during milder weather & rain,  somehow the team are making good progress.

Its roll up your sleeves and crack on attitude that the guys are pushing this project on with so well.

As you can see, my last update structural retaining walls are being erected, tier 1 & the radial tier 2 are well under way. The rear course of blockwork is in place ready for the front to be faced with rear bonded paddlestones.

Tomorrow, our plan is to continue with the retaining walls and install the armoured cable ringmain which will supply the lighting scheme. The Paddlestone delivery is due as well so we can start  the drystone facing work on Thursday.

One problem, snow is on the long range forecast for the weekend, if the north east winds reach us and chill the air, if they don’t it will be rain is expected.

Spring is in the air, Hey Ho!

Look out for another update at the end of the week.