Landscape Design & Build project, Whitstable Kent.

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Landscape Design & Build project, Whitstable Kent.

Stuart | March 6, 2013 | 0 Comments

We were back in Whitstable today at this Winter 2012 project to complete the remaining hardscape works before implementing the new low maintenance planting scheme.

The project is looking really good however we have had a problem with the paint system used on the aluminium pergola structure. Unfortunately, the primer does not appear to of bonded to the metal, so we are striping the paint of over the next couple of days so we can re-apply a new paint system.

Anyway, despite this, we are really pleased with the project, the lawn has established well over the winter, the sandstone terraces and sunken garden look really good in the first bit of sunshine for 2013.

If all goes well and the weather stays on our side, we hope to get everything re-painted by early next week, then we can crack on with the planting, cannot wait!, neither can our very patient client!