Landscaping Tip: Make a Good Impression with your Front Yard Garden

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Landscaping Tip: Make a Good Impression with your Front Yard Garden

Josh | May 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

Nothing is as welcoming as a home with a beautiful garden out front. Most front yards have straight paths for a practical reason; it is often the shortest route to the door. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to leave it that way. Make yours more inviting by adding elements like a curved walkway, a bench and even a small picket fence. Here are some tips on improving your front yard garden.

Make a Clear Path Going to the Front Door

The last thing your guests would want to do is to look for the walkway leading to the door. Create a clear path for visitors. If possible, it should be made from non-slip materials like concrete. Plain concrete, however, is boring and common. You may use other materials such as stones, bricks and concrete pavers.

Choose a Variety of Plants

The most important area you have to focus on is the foundation of the house. Go for multi-season plants in the front yard so there are flowers blooming all year round. Place plants that don’t grow too high near windows. Choose small trees as anchor plants. Put them on the corners of the house or on the sides of the front door.

Add Garden Lights

You may also like to add garden lighting in your front yard. Common light fixtures used outdoors are pathway lights, bollards and spotlights. You can use these to highlight areas of the garden at night.  Outdoor lights also add an extra level of security for your home.

Take Care of Your Garden Regularly

When adding flowers and trees in your garden, make sure to plant only what you can maintain. You should be willing to spend a few hours a week taking care of your flowers and trees. If you won’t have enough time to manage your garden, choose low maintenance plants. Are you going to put grass on your front lawn? Keep it green and trimmed as much as you can.

Make a good impression even before your guests enter your home. Oakleigh Manor can help design an awesome garden that complements the style of your house. Contact us to learn more about our landscape designs.