Lighting 101: How Does Your Garden Glow?

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Lighting 101: How Does Your Garden Glow?

Josh | July 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

Lighting promotes the beauty and safety of any property. It makes the garden glow at night, allowing anyone to visit the area freely. It improves the attractiveness of the landscape as well, making it more welcoming even at night.

The outdoors can still serve its purpose – a paradise that lets you unwind – through proper illumination. Here’s a short guideline to help you plan for your garden lighting:

Where to Install

The installation depends on where you’re likely to walk and stay at night. Roam around to find out which areas receive the highest traffic, such as pathways and driveways. Take note of the areas you need to highlight by sketching a draft. These areas can help determine the intensity and quantity of light that you’ll need. If you have a garden pond, you have to install lights around it to avoid anyone from falling.

Which Type of Light to Install

Battery-powered, solar-powered, and wire-in lighting are some examples of outdoor lights that you can install. The choice depends on the requirements of your landscape, however.

Battery-powered lighting is a good choice for homeowners who prefer additional features, like sensors and timers. These turn on when its system detects dim light or somebody’s presence. Solar-powered lighting, on the other hand, is ideal for the eco-friendly and those who want to reduce their electricity bills. Install wire-in lighting systems if you want a single power source for every lighting outdoors.

What Features to Take Note of

Due to changing weather conditions, your outdoor lights are prone to damage. Strong winds could take them down, water can seep into the lights when it rains, or too much sunlight can affect its surface. Make sure that your landscape contractor installs high-quality and durable materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel to minimise wear and tear.

Knowing where and what lighting to install can make your garden glow better. Contact us today so we can discuss your garden needs better.