Lighting Outside Space – Lumiere London

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Lighting Outside Space – Lumiere London

Lewis | January 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

If like me you braved the sharp chill and the mass crowds and visited the Lumiere London Festival you would have seen London in a new light – no pun intended.  For those who did not make it, or those whom the event passed by unnoticed, let me give you the lowdown…

Lumiere London was a new light festival that transformed many of London’s most iconic buildings and spaces. The festival was free to attend and I believe it achieved what the organisers, Artichoke, set out to achieve – to allow well heeled Londoners and tourists to discover new parts of the Capital for the first time or to view well-known sights differently.

This idea was simple; you were given a map so that you were able to navigate your way through the streets of London going from location to location visiting 31 different instillations in total. Visitors were treated to floating fish along Piccadilly, a red phone box turned into an aquarium and the façade of Westminster Abbey, one of London’s most famous historic buildings, was lit up with changing neon lights.

The event, which drew huge crowds, got me thinking about lighting outside space. Walking around the streets of London I was struck by how lights can completely transform outside spaces and the sheer numbers of people attracted to view an event like this.

One of the services we offer here at Oakleigh Manor is garden lighting. Regardless of it being a summer or winters evening garden lighting looks stunning. It equally looks impressive in the grounds of an older property or a new build.

Whether you are looking to create an entertainment area for BBQs for a summers evening or highlight a tree which will add a dramatic affect on a winters evening Oakleigh Manor will be able to help. If you would like to discuss how garden lighting can change the atmosphere of your garden one of the Oakleigh Manor team would be delighted to discuss this with you. Please call 01227 750875.

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