Little Paradise: A Garden Fit for Children

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Little Paradise: A Garden Fit for Children

Josh | March 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

Every single part of the home, both inside and out, has to be fit and safe for your children. As the outdoors present many learning opportunities to your kids, it makes perfect sense to let the young ones experience nature first-hand.

Turning your garden into a little piece of paradise can be a bit overwhelming, though. If you are having difficulty introducing the beauty of interacting with nature to your kids, take these things into careful account:

Entice Them with Colours

Kids are naturally curious. Make the most of this fact by using colours to capture their interest. There are endless options of floral varieties that showcase the colour spectrum. Shrubberies and other florae with vivid colours are always a good idea. Our team of expert horticulturalists can help you pick the best floral choices for your garden.

Create a Game

Hold family activities in your garden whenever possible. This will help your kids become more familiar with the outdoor setting. Plus, you can use the opportunity to teach your children something about nature. Put labels with bits of trivia on the floral and garden features for them to discover.

Let Them Take Charge

Your young ones would be much more interested with being in the garden if you let them be more involved. You can start by letting them do the watering or weeding. Once the habit grows on them, you can move on to deciding and planting different plant and flower combinations. Do not be afraid to let them commit gardening mistakes. After all, they can learn better if they realise the proper procedures on their own, and with your supervision.

Show Off Their Handiwork

Make sure to highlight the details of your kid’s piece of garden bed. This would motivate them to do better and give them a sense of well-earned pride. Use light and water fixtures to add style to their work. Whenever you can, show off the final output to your visitor or take snapshots of it then post on social media portals.

A home garden is one of the best places for your kids to discover the world. With the help of our seasoned landscapers and garden designers, you can make your garden fit for your kids. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help redesign your garden.