Make a Splash: Water Feature Ideas for Your Garden

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Make a Splash: Water Feature Ideas for Your Garden

Josh | May 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

gardening tipsFrom small ponds and container gardens to shell-shaped fountains, water features are a great way to add visual interest to your garden. Having such attracts wildlife, gives depth to your outdoor space, and provides soothing and relaxing sound effects that mask unwanted noise.

Water features come in different types and sizes, and are easily customisable. Whether your garden is big or small, you’ll surely find one that will suit your outdoor space.

Turn your garden into a beautiful oasis with these creative water feature ideas:

Pretty Patio Collection

Water features aren’t only perfect for gardens; they work for patios, too. Watertight pots and containers can house a collection of beautiful water canna, lotus, and water lettuce. Make the pot the centre of your patio or simply place one on the side of the table to create a sense of drama.

Boulder Beauty

Use different types of stones to create a stunning rock-lined creek with a mini waterfall. Use various shapes and sizes of stones—from boulders to pea gravel to limestone—to give your garden a natural look. Bury larger stones halfway in the soil to make them look like they’ve been in your garden forever.

Do-It-Yourself Fountain

Have a large clay pot? Transform it into a fountain by coating it with deck sealant and adding a small water pump. Insert the pump’s cord through the drainage hole and seal the hole using caulk. Conceal the cord behind the plants or under mulch. Once the caulk is dry, fill the clay pot with water, turn on the pump, add some garden plants, and enjoy.

Pond Perfect

Attracting a host of wildlife from butterflies and frogs to birds and dragonflies, small ponds are a great way to add depth to your garden. When creating a pond, always consider the view of the feature from every angle of the garden, the size of your outdoor space, and the plants you wish to grow around it. Consult professional gardeners for complicated designs.

Water features are the smartest garden additions. Get in touch with us today and let our landscape gardeners transform your outdoor space into something better.