Modern Garden Design Ideas for 2017

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Modern Garden Design Ideas for 2017

Josh | January 9, 2017 | 0 Comments

Modern garden design is going through a dramatic shift. From being a simple exterior façade to the house, the garden has become a key part of the home. Designers are keen to integrate the outdoor space with the indoor space and are concerned with more than just the functional features of the garden. Trends in garden design have adapted to this emerging role.

Modern garden design takes many cues from minimalism. That does not mean it is boring, though. While plants with explosive forms in bold colours are out, there are now new ways to make garden features stand out. Modern gardeners have let go of the need to grab attention. Instead, they want their gardens to be oases of calm within their homes.

Clean, well-kept, yet warm are the mantras of the modern garden. A successful project requires strict consideration of what goes into the design and what is omitted.

No More In-Your-Face Design

Previous generations of garden designers gave a lot of attention to over-the-top elements. They focused on large designs and bright colours that exaggerated form. There was little sense of control. More actually meant more.

But, as communities change and society continues to transform, garden design has had to keep up. Homes are becoming smarter, smaller and more urban; gardens have followed suit.

A Field Full of Contrast

A modern garden is successful when it strikes a balance between its contrasting elements. Soft, natural curves complement geometrical shapes. Slabs of rock lie beside patches of soft bushes. These simple contrasts highlight the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the designer.

Despite the minimalist edge, gardeners prefer a loose planting style in modern gardens. Plants growing as naturally as possible provide a link back to nature. This takes a delicate touch to achieve. A major mistake in many modern garden projects is that they are too clinical, making the space unattractive and uninviting. Gardens with controlled flora can appear too structured, manufactured and forced instead of becoming restful pockets of tranquillity.

Unlike contrasting forms and shapes, colour contrasting is a trickier balance to perfect in modern garden design. Introducing hues in a garden can be distracting. Avoid trends that advocate bright, unnatural colours. As much as possible, you should use colours that blend well together in the landscape, since a sharp change in tone can destroy the continuity that you are trying to achieve.

Fire or Water

Adding a fountain to a landscape is a great way to bring a dynamic flow to the space. A calming splashing can be heard as the jets of water break the surface. If the main aim is to provide a space for relaxation, a fountain is almost a necessity.

There is also the option of raising fish in the pond or fountain. This integrates a beautiful ecosystem into your garden. Oakleigh Manor has a wide range of fountains and offers a bespoke service for clients looking for unique garden water features. There are many benefits to a bespoke fountain and it can be fashioned out of materials that are also used in the garden, guaranteeing continuity.

If it is more appropriate for the climate, a fireplace is also a great feature for a garden. Many garden fireplaces also make good sculptural features. They can be installed on a patio or sitting area where people can appreciate the heat that they give out. Fireplaces also reinforce a garden’s image as an extension, rather than the exterior, of a home.

An Inviting Touch

Modern gardening is about creating a welcoming space. The toning down of the elements makes gardens less intimidating and more attractive. This minimalist approach also provides more space for human activity.

Wooden furniture adds the perfect level of warmth to any outside garden. A few patio chairs are nice but a full couch with comfortable upholstery will do the job better. These furnishings can work well with other modern garden features. For example, a full 8-seater couch can provide a perfect seating area around a fireplace.

A modern garden should be well-lit, just like indoors. Proper lighting creates new shapes and a unique character to a landscape at night. Through technology, previously bluish LED lights can now emit warmer lights. Prefer warmer tones when planning the lighting for your garden.

More Features Available

There is no need to stop at lights and furniture. More glamorous garden fixtures are also available. Oakleigh Manors can install lap pools. This turns any garden into an instant family space, making it more inviting, and increasing the ways to use it and relax in it.

Instead of settling for a shaded patio area, why not install a beautiful oak garden room? These work best in large gardens. Rooms in a modern garden can be used for a variety of functions, such an office, a family spot or even a guestroom.

Oakleigh Manors provides complete services for gardens. In addition to lighting installations for gardens, they also have a range of audio options. A luxurious but useful garden feature could be outdoor speakers.

Sustainability Is In

The sustainability of gardens is an important aspect of modern landscape design. Prioritise the use of locally-grown plants. The ecological footprint of building and maintaining your garden should also be a key consideration.

Many modern gardens are relatively easy to maintain because of free planting and the smaller number of elements involved. As modern gardens continue to use brick or natural stone, maintenance is also more sustainable.

The preferences of a homeowner should always come first, not the trends. However, these observations in modern garden design provide a unique perspective on creating modern garden spaces. At Oakleigh Manor, we ensure that each project gives our clients utmost satisfaction. As the go-to garden designer for Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and Sussex, we give each client a wealth of options and information to guide them to their dream garden.

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