New Car Barn Project, Near Faversham, Kent

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New Car Barn Project, Near Faversham, Kent

Stuart | October 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

This new Car Barn project started this week, near to base at Faversham, Kent.

The new building is a 3 Bay Car Barn with a Lean-Too side Log Store built in over a hipped & Cat slide roof.

Mark, the Groundwork Manager has set out site and excavated the outer ring foundations, removing approximately 55 tons of spoil, the foundations have been poured on Day 3.

Daniel, from the hardscape teams, is laying the Brickwork Upstand to Oversight level, we will then be forming the  Concrete oversight which forms the floor of the new building.

Then over to Dan, the Brickwork is then raised to 15cm above the floor to DPC level, we will then allow the brickwork to cure for 10 days before the frame is installed.

The frame is currently being fabricated by Ross, our Oak frame specialist, we will visit the joinery shop in Wednesday with the client to see the large Oak Frame in fabrication.

Cant wait, i will get some pictures for the blog, look out for them!!